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Tom Rushlow

Tom Rushlow

Favorite Water to fish:

Eagle River

Favorite species to fish:

Brook Trout

About me

I have been fishing since I can remember. I started during the 70s as a kid in Southern Michigan, where I would spend my summer days fishing a nearby-pond for Crappie, Yellow Perch, Bluegill and Sunfish. I would clean the colorful panfish on the worn dock and toss their guts into the water, returning after dark to fish for Bullhead, my childhood dog, Bonnie, trotting along behind. I spent my most formidable years in Central Texas, namely my high school and university years, where I found myself more interested in music, girls and having a good time with my buddies than in fishing. After nearly ten years at university and almost three degrees later, I opted for a summer in Colorado. That was in 1996, and as of 2023, I am still here. Been a long summer.

I tried fly fishing for the first time in 2010 and hated it. It was just so intricate, always seemed to get tangled and really frustrated me. However, I persisted and found that I could find a sort of Zen by channeling my fly fishing frustration and downright anger into tying my rig properly. The first time that I forced myself to slow down, to control the overwhelming frustration that fly fishing brings and to simply focus on tying a good rig, I remember looking up from my hands and found the yellow-green, summer world vibrating around me. I was no longer overwhelmed by frustration but instead overwhelmed by the air touching my skin, by the cold creek embracing my legs and feet, the insects and cottonwood spores floating, chickadees and Stellar Jays flitting and chirping, the interconnectedness of it all; I was just a guy standing in the river, a part of all that was around me, connected; a true sort of epiphany, a real zen moment. Never in life have I been so continuously tested and rewarded by a way to connect with the outdoors as I have been by fly fishing. To call it a challenging sport, is an understatement.

As much as I initially despised the sport, I didn’t let it beat me and eventually ended up excelling. I was a regular customer during the early days of Minturn Anglers and was eventually invited to go through guide school by the original owner. He hired me, and I worked part time that first season. At the beginning of my second season, I decided to go full-time as a fly fishing guide. I ended up designing and teaching a fly fishing school for MA and found that I actually enjoy teaching/guiding more than I do fly fishing myself. Working as a guide and teacher through fly fishing is the way I find my center, my actualization, my Zen. I love to help people figure out how to make that connection with the equipment, to make it an extension of them and then connect with a trout. There is nothing like the first time you get a tug after working so hard to get that perfect drift. This is where I earned the nickname, Professor. I can help the beginner of the sport to find the confidence and patience needed to excel as well as the intermediate and advanced student to polish, refine and improve upon their skills. I have started to teach our guide school, and it’s great to be a part of a guide’s progression. Let’s get out there and find your Zen!

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What our customers have to say...

This fly shop is superbly stocked and everything a fly shop should be. Super helpful staff, and excellent fly selections. They had me dialled in when I left the store, and I had a great day on the water.
Paul H.
We had a great guide in Tom during our half day beginner's class. He spent time with each of us making sure we knew what we were doing tying knots and determining which fly and and fishing method was best. The only reason it wasn't 5 stars is because we only had 30 minutes left after the class to actually fish. I wish we had more time for that.
Alberto G.
I love this shop! Everyone there is so nice and knowledgeable. They have some awesome women's options for all your fishing needs. I got my Patagonia waders here and I love them!!! Their hat selection is huge...same goes for fishing bags, shirts and sweaters.
Chelsey C.
Great Fly Shop in a beautiful location. They have the gear, the guides and the local knowledge to hook you up with great fishing. I caught 10 fish , on the Eagle River thanks to their tips on techniques and fly selections. Can't complain about that !
Trusted Colorado Photographer
Good information on fishing around the whole state. The guides that run the shop in Lone Tree as well as up in Minturn, all fish the water and will give you good advice on what flies to through. The are also some of the best guides in the business. Great team.
Timothy F.
We always use Minturn Anglers and Duane Redford every year for my nephew and I. We could not enjoy this relationship and experience with fly fishing anymore. In 6 years we have only had one bad day and that with that the weather wasn't cooperating-'thunder & lightning'. Sam Hawkes and Josie Williams
Josie W.
I have been fishing with Minturn Anglers for the past 6 years. The guides have helped me create a love of fly fishing for my son (14) over the past 6 years. No trip has been the same, each guide has been a genuinely great person with a passion for the outdoors. We have always had a great experience with Minturn - from catching many small brookies on a high mountain stream to large browns and rainbows on an icy Eagle River during the winter.
Lance K.
Had an absolutely great time on the Eagle River with our guide, Tom! He was very knowledgeable and encouraging. He even went a little over our four hour session just to see us pull in one last fish! Would highly recommend this shop for guided fly fishing; scheduling was easy and the session itself was fantastic!
Ben F.
Best in the Vail area for a reason! Enthusiastic, knowledgeable guides with a friendly shop staff and access to some of the best water in Colorado. The Front Range folks know their stuff among more pressured waters. Great company!
Brian S.
I had several house guests with me and took them all fishing with Minturn Anglers. Everyone caught fish and the guides were extremely helpful. We had a great trip and my house guests have asked if they could schedule another trip upon their return. The guides were well prepared and knew the river. A wonderful experience!
Ray R.
Great outing with Dave. They had all the equipment available and Dave provided meaningful and insightful tips and instructions. We all had a super time and would recommend Minturn Anglers without reservation.
David S.
If you want a fly shop that is there to help you, regardless of your level of expertise, this is the shop. These guys will talk fishing with you, equipment or flies with you. They are always happy to help. I enjoy the experience every time I visit.
Dave O.