Kevin Mackey | Minturn Anglers Guide Profile

Kevin Mackey | Minturn Anglers Guide Profile

IMG_1017Kevin wasn’t born with a silver fly rod in his hand. He grew up in Michigan throwing meat and hardware at anything fishy and dipping for smelt under the Blue Water Bridge. A fellow angler introduced him to popping for Bluegills with a fly rod and his curiosity took over from there.

Kevin learned to fly fish by spending time on the water, reading everything he could, and pestering the folks at the local fly shop with endless questions. The time and generosity shown by those more experienced anglers is what motivates Kevin as a guide today. He believes that fly shops should not be elitist and should support every level of angler. Kevin enjoys demystifying fly fishing for the beginner and refining a skill for the advanced angler.

When not at the vise wrapping bugs or on the river, Kevin spends his free time being a Dad, woodworker, and closet 5-string banjo picker.

For the record, Kevin believes the learning never stops.

It’s time to nail down your 2024 fly fishing trip with Minturn Anglers.

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