I have been fly fishing for over ten years now, and still find it useful and informative to hire a fly fishing guide, especially when I want to explore new waters.  For those new to the sport, accessing guidance and assistance from a professional is even more important. When in the Denver area, I rely on the knowledgeable and friendly people at Minturn Anglers.

When I want to get to the best waters quickly, I think it is worth the reasonable cost to engage somebody who is on the Denver waters just about every day. These guides know precisely where the best fishing waters are located, given current weather and stream conditions. If I were by myself, I know I would end up wasting time looking for that elusive “just right” spot.

cast-n-taste fly fish & dine - caterered by Minturn AnglersEvery guide I meet has his or her own interesting stories. Over the years I have spent time and made lasting friendships with guides with various backgrounds, from writers and teachers to commercial fly tiers and fiercely competitive fishermen and women. They all share an infectious passion for fly fishing Colorado waters. I always come away feeling enriched by the experience and more confident in my fly fishing skills.
I particularly appreciate the no hassle approach to a guided fly fishing expedition. If I don’t happen to have all my gear with me, they can provide me with anything, from a new rod to try out, flies, reels, to waders and even lunch.  This is especially helpful when I treat visitors to a day on the water.

One of these days soon, I also plan to take advantage of the enticing overnight family trips offered by Minturn Anglers. An overnight camping trip tied in with a day fly fishing on the South Platte River sounds like an ideal way to celebrate our son’s upcoming birthday. On the hand, maybe my wife and I will escape to enjoy a day of guided fly fishing and end the adventure with a four star meal served brook-side. Minturn Anglers can arrange just about anything you desire.

Spending time with a professional fly fishing guide is a wise investment. He’s well worth his weight in trophy trout!


It’s time to nail down your 2024 fly fishing trip with Minturn Anglers.

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