Lamson Waterworks ULA Force SL Fly Reel Review

Lamson Waterworks ULA Force SL Fly Reel Review

Not much too it

How does Lamson do it?  They keep making reels lighter and lighter.   Every time Lamson releases a new reel, I say there is no way it can get any better.  Well….it has gotten better, much better.  The Lamson ULA Force SL, is as light as it gets.  From what I can see, there is no way to machine anymore out of a reel and still maintain durability and keep the conical drag system.  The ULA Force SL incorporates the same bomb proof conical drag as all the other proven lines of Lamson’s reels.  This reel barely tips the scale at only 2.9 ounces.  I would bet the drag is the heaviest part of the reel.  Lamson’s proprietary coating, Hard Alox, is also applied to the reel.  This coating is seriously scratch resistant and you really have to work at dinging up your reel.

Lamson ULA Force SL Frame

I was able to put this little reel through it’s paces on the South Platte.  She balanced perfectly on a short 4 weight.  It is so light, you will forget that it is even there.  The machining tolerances are amazing, so tight and smooth that there is no slop to the reel.  After hooking a couple nice browns on the reel, of course, the drag worked perfect.  No surprises there, the drag has been tested and proven for several years now.  It had no problem protecting 6X on a big fish.  The start up inertia is near zero, meaning that first blazing run will not snap of your tippet.  She stays smooth and buttery throughout the run from the fish.

Bottom line is it is a great reel.  If you are looking for the lightest and coolest reel on the market, without sacrificing a stout drag and dependability, then this is your reel for sure.  The ULA Force SL will perfectly compliment today’s ultra light fly rods.

Nice Brown on the ULA Force SL 2


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