Loon Outdoors – Stanley’s Ice Off Paste

Loon Outdoors – Stanley’s Ice Off Paste

Stanley’s Ice Off Paste – A Must for Winter Fishing in Colorado

Treat your Rod, Guides and Fly Line with Ice Off Paste for longer winter days on The Eagle, Colorado, Blue, Yampa and Roaring Fork Rivers

People are starting to realize that if you want to fish in absolute solitude over hungry fish with no pressure, the best time to fish in Colorado is in the Winter. If you can handle the cold and don’t mind a little driving, there is phenomenal fishing in the Vail Valley or anywhere you can find open public water really.

You can do many things to keep yourself comfortable in the cold like layering up with clothing, down or synthetic, and wear hats and gloves. Unfortunately there is always the tedious problem of ice build up on your rod, reel and line. Luckily, Loon has created the ever-popular Stanley’s Ice Off Paste to keep your warm butt on the water fishing and not thawing in the car cursing your fishing trip.

Loon’s Stanley’s Ice Off Paste is a non-toxic antifreeze paste for your fly rod, guides and fly line. This wonder paste is convenient to carry in your chest pocket, easy to apply, doesn’t leave a film on the water, and works immediately. This time of year, it’s not uncommon to have to stop fishing every 9-12 casts to break ice off your equipment. With Loon’s Ice Off Paste, you get at least double the fishing time every time you apply.

I normally start by pre-treating my equipment in the car. I rub a little paste between my fingers and rub down my first 4 guides as well as the tip of the rod. I also apply Ice Off Paste to my fly line but I normally wait to get to the water, figure out my fixed amount of line I will be using in the section I am fishing and then apply generous amounts to the 5 feet of line that will be in and out of my first 3 guides.

You know when you need to reapply when the guides start sticking and ice begins forming. Simply break the ice off (use hemostats LIGHTLY if there is a lot of ice), pull out your paste and reapply. This stuff has saved my butt on many winter guided trips Minturn Anglers hosts. I know we all carry a lot in our vests and packs and one more product can seem daunting but trust me, this little tub of Stanley’s Ice Off Paste will become a staple in your Winter fishing pack. Pick yours up at Minturn Anglers either at our Minturn or Parker locations!


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