Lower Gore Creek | Late Summer Fly Fishing Report

Lower Gore Creek | Late Summer Fly Fishing Report

9-1-2014 Lower Gore Creek

The lower Gore Creek is fishing well,  with a focus on midges more than on the big bugs.Gore Creek Rainbow

It looks the day of the hoppers has ended on the lower Gore until our first hard frost of the year.  I was catching real grasshoppers and tossing them into the water the other day, and I didn’t get a single hit, even when they floated directly over the fishes’ noses.  Look for tiniest midges, BWOs, and even occasional PMDs to work.  Yellow sallies are also present, though in dwindling numbers.

Characteristics of the Lower Gore

Though it is a mountain-urban stream, Gore Creek from Lionshead to its confluence with the Eagle River is Gold Medal water, meaning it contains at least 60 lbs of trout and at least a dozen 14-inch or larger fish per acre.  Key access points lie along the bike path, including Donovan and Stephens’ parks.  There is a surprising amount of structure and some deeper runs for a creek that is currently flowing at 47 CFS.  For the biggest fish, look for bathtub-sized pockets that hold some surprisingly large ones, and use your best pair of sunnies to spot them at enough distance to stalk.

Terminal Tackle for Gore Creek

The flows are low and gin clear, so I recommend a 12-foot, 6x leader, with fluorocarbon for anything in the surface film or below.  Avoid any splashy indicators–yarn or just the tip of your flyline might be the best way to go.

Bugs for Lower Gore CreekGore Creek flies

Everyone has his or her own favorite little, techy pattern.  These have been working for us lately:  Thompson’s Forky Baetis (#22-#26), RS2 in dark colors (#22-#24), Bling Midge (#22-26, black, brown, cream), Barr’s BWO emerger (#20-#22), Barr’s PMD emerger (#18), Juan’s flossie (chocolate #20-#22), Brassie (#18-#22), cream midge #22-26

Be ready with some hopper patterns just in case… Schroeder’s #8-#12, Dave’s or other relatively natural pattern, consider packing some dry and tungsten black ants (#18-#20)


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