MA’s Glass Stonefly Nymph

MA’s Glass Stonefly Nymph

Tying the Glass Stone fly Nymph
The glass golden stone was developed on an idea sparked in my head from a customer of ours. (thanks Joe!)  This fly is very subtle and streamlined to match a variety of yellow sally nymphs we have in Colorado trout streams.  Give it a shot next time you find yourself fly fishing the South Platte, Arkansas River, Eagle River, or Roaring Fork.

Fly Tying Materials List: We are happy to mail you any materials you will need to tie this fly and/or others.  To order by phone call us at 720-851-4665.

Hook: TMC 2302 #12-16
UTC 70 Hopper Yellow
Amber goose biots
Yellow killer caddis beads to half way point
Thorax: Ginger Life cycle dubing
Wingpads: Clear Scud Back
Legs: Hungarian Partridge dyed yellow

It’s time to nail down your 2024 fly fishing trip with Minturn Anglers.

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