Minturn Anglers Mid-Summer Guide Report

Minturn Anglers Mid-Summer Guide Report

Minturn Anglers Mid-Summer Guide Report

The beginning of the summer saw unprecedented flows on many of the rivers in the valley, with the Eagle River hitting historic levels topping 4,000 cfs. Run off on the front range didn’t peak its head out until the last few weeks of June. We saw the South Platte River at Deckers climb from 400 cfs to around 1,000 cfs. Despite these higher flows our guides managed to keep their clients safe and produced some truly spectacular fishing throughout the beginning of the summer.  From fishing in high flows to taking out some NFL stars (Ed McCaffery, Son Christian McCaffrey and buddy Luke Kuechly) our guides have been having a blast on the river and producing some great fish and happy clients.  

Jonathan Messinger (MA Guide)

Even with abnormally high flows, fishing continues to be productive along the front range. The Dream Stream, Deckers, Tarryall and Bear Creek are all holding great fish with big appetites. With these swift currents, look for fish to be holding in the soft edges near cutbanks and slower water. Forget the 6x and #26 patterns for now, these fish are eating big and gorging themselves while they can. Think #12-#16 scuds, stones, worms etc. These flows are a good opportunity to ditch the familiar crowded runs and find fish holding in unlikely places while the water is high. It has been a great high-water year so far and we are here to help you conquer any unfamiliar territory as flows maintain. Feel free to stop by either of our store front locations for info, bug suggestions and guided trips. Our staff is ready to help you get dialed in and learn some high-water tactics.

Dave B (Minturn Anglers G.M.)

The Vail Valley is heating up as the water goes down! The Eagle is dropping daily, the temps are rising and the clarity continues to get better. The PMD’s are showing their yellow little bodies, as well as the Yellow Sallies and the big caddis! Floating both the Eagle and Colorado has been spectacular and should get better daily. With The Fourth of July crowds dispersing, so has a lot of the river traffic. Just in time for the best fishing of the year as we start to see normal summer flows returning. 

It’s time to nail down your 2024 fly fishing trip with Minturn Anglers.

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