Fly Fishing School, Minturn Anglers Style | Day Two on the Eagle River

Fly Fishing School, Minturn Anglers Style | Day Two on the Eagle River

Minturn Anglers Fly Fishing School

Give an individual(s) a day on the water on the second half of Minturn Anglers’ Fly Fishing School on the Eagle, Colorado or Gore waters and dreams come true! Let us help you with knots, good and bad, water knowledge, how to wade and how to read the waters of the Vail Valley. Let us help you understand which flies to throw, how to throw them and why.  We love taking a moment (the whole time) enjoying the waters of the Colorado, Eagle and Gore; respecting and keeping clean our Colorado Riparian ecosystems, and bringing fish into the net. Enjoy the day as much as the guides from Minturn Anglers do with their new clients, now friends.With a wee bit of luck, you will be like our newest graduate from the Minturn Anglers’ Fly Fishing School, who hooked and landed the biggest trout of his life….thought I’d have to do CPR on the banks of the Eagle River, he was so excited!

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A happy graduate
Editor’s Note:

John Donovan was born in the Vail Valley, and guides for all sorts of trips, including fly fishing school.  He’s a “fishy” guy!

Over the past 5 years, we have taught thousands of students how to fly fish and we are constantly refining & improving our system of teaching fly fishing. Schools are held every weekend from May through November and can be scheduled at your convenience or offered as a gift certificate.  Our fly fishing school is a fantastic way to, get a jump start into fly fishing, correct bad casting habits, and/or brush up on your fishing skills.  No previous fly fishing experience is required and we  provide all the  core gear items if you do not have them (wader,  boots, rods, reels etc).  Our two-day fly fishing schools are for men, women & Children ages 10 & up.  No previous fly fishing experience is necessary. All you need is a good attitude, an open mind & a willingness to learn!

It’s time to nail down your 2024 fly fishing trip with Minturn Anglers.

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