Attend Minturn Anglers Guide School to Become a Successful Fly Fishing Guide

Attend Minturn Anglers Guide School to Become a Successful Fly Fishing Guide

Wade Guide school casting Minturn Anglers Vail ValleyI am a fly fishing enthusiast, and have spent hours browsing the Minturn Anglers fly shop in Denver and talking to staff and fly fishing guides who happen to be around. As well, my buddies and I have been out fishing with Minturn guides a number of times, and I am always somewhat envious of what appears to be the ideal job   ̶- getting paid for what I love to do best! I have been nudged again by friends to look into what I have to do to become a professional fly fishing guide. Checking out the Wade & Float Guide School offered by Minturn Anglers is the place to start.

Minturn Anglers has been providing fly fishing guide services since 2007. Many of its clients over the years have become repeat customers, mainly because of the quality and professionalism of services provided by Minturn Guides. Minturn knows what clients expect and need, and have put together a week long course offered in May that provides everything to be learned to become a successful fly fishing guide.

There are not only technical topics but also interpersonal skills covered in the Guide School curriculum:

  • Detailed knowledge of rods and reels
  • Picking the right fly
  • Casting techniques, and striking and reeling in
  • Techniques for catch and release
  • Insect entomology
  • Reading water and understanding lake and river dynamics
  • Safe approaches to working the water, including wading as well as floating in inflatable and hard boats
  • Learning about private lands and waters
  • Environmental requirements
  • Fishing regulations
  • Requirements for organizing a trip
  • Camping with minimal environmental impact
  • Code of ethics
  • Personal responsibilities as a guide
  • Personal appearance and behavior
  • Learning CPR and First Aid
  • Dealing with clients and group dynamics
  • Leadership skills

float guide school Minturn Anglers Vail Valley with dog Completing the Minturn Anglers Guide School will not only make me a better fisherman, but will also give me the information I need to begin a career as a professional guide. I know it will take hard work and time, but I can look forward to doing something I love and earn money while sharing my fishing knowledge with clients.


It’s time to nail down your 2024 fly fishing trip with Minturn Anglers.

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