Miracle Mile Fall Brown Trout Fly Fishing | North Platte River

Miracle Mile Fall Brown Trout Fly Fishing | North Platte River

Our fall brown trout season on the Miracle Mile officially begins October 1st and ends in Early December. Fall fly fishing on the Miracle Mile section of the North Platte River has a reputation for producing trophy brown trout migrating from Pathfinder Reservoir that can exceed the magical 30 inches! Give us a call at 720-851-4665 to book a fly fishing trip on the Miracle Mile this fall!

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Generally speaking, brown trout moving into the Miracle Mile begin showing up in mid September and will remain in the river well into December.  The migratory browns will spread out all the way from  Kortez Dam to the lowest reaches of moving water depending on lake levels. Fresh fish move in daily and anglers can expect to find good numbers of browns well into December throughout the river and inlet areas.

Streamer Fishing for Miracle Mile Fall Brown Trout

If you are targeting migratory fish on streamers, you need to seek “fresh fish.”   Without fail, the fish most willing to chase a big fly on the strip or swing are the ones that have just moved out of the lake.  That’s not to say that fish who have been in the river system for a period of time won’t chase streamers. However,  our experience is that the longer fish have been in the river, their focus turns from feeding to reproduction. The key to finding fish streamer hungry fish is to cover water.   Keep moving, but cover the water thoroughly.  In terms of presentation, a sink tip is the only standard I can offer.  If I could give you an exact formula of how to strip/swing your fly, I’d be a rich guide. The best I can say, is very your retrieve to match the water type you are fishing, and the mood the fish seam to be in. In fast water, I usually try and slow the fly down.  In slower water, I twitch and move the fly a little more. Sometimes the fish want it fast and sometimes they want it slow. Play around with it until you find the right formula.

Miracle Mile Streamer Fishing Gear & Fly Selection

If you are throwing a spey or switch rod, the skagit style lines will make your life a lot easier.  If you’re using a single handed rod, 7-8wt rods will help you cast heavy flies & tips into the wind & cover water the most effectively. Follow the links below to our recommended gear & flies for the Miracle Mile.

Nymphing Tactics, Gear & Flies for the Miracle Mile

For nymphing, focus on the buckets behind islands and any drop offs behind shallower water.  Fly selection is not a huge factor for lake run brown trout.  What is important is weight.  Keep adding weight and adjusting your leader length until you find the right combination of weight & depth the match the water you are fishing. Give yourself a chance and fish heavy tippet.

Miracle Mile Nymphing Gear & Fly Selection

Longer rods over weighted with long belly fly lines will make casting long & heavy rigs into the wind with long drifts a lot easier. We recommend 2x flourocarbon tippet.  See detailed gear recommendations for nymphing below…

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