Miracle Mile Fly Fishing | Where, When & How to Fish The Mile

Miracle Mile Fly Fishing | Where, When & How to Fish The Mile

The Miracle Mile, Like No Place on Earth!

In the months of March, April & May the Miracle Mile is quite possibly the single best fishery in the lower 48. The Mile is a tailwater section of the North Platte River below Seminoe Reservoir in Central Wyoming that runs into Pathfinder Reservoir. In the spring months, GIANT RAINBOWS migrate out of Pathfinder Reservoir into the river (Miracle Mile) offering anglers the closest thing to Steelhead fishing in the Rocky Mountain Region.

See Pictures of Last Spring On the Miracle Mile

In low water droubt years, the river miles from Seminoe Dam to the inlet of Pathfinder can be 15 miles.  However, when the reservoir is full as it is now, the distance from the Dam to the inlet is around 5 miles. What does this mean for anglers?  Put simply, there is less river for fish to spread out meaning a higher density per mile of really big trout.  Generally, when Pathfinder is full this is a result of a good snow pack & bigger water releases from Seminoe dam.  These higher flows poring into the inlet attract more fish as was the case last year.

Swinging Streamers on the Miracle Mile

If You Want to Learn More about Fishing the Miracle Mile, then be at Minturn Anglers Saturday, March 24th from 10-11AM.

Our manager will be talking about….

  • Access Points for Floating & Wading the Mile
  • Where to find big lake run fish
  • fly selection & tactics for nymphing & swinging streamers

It’s time to nail down your 2024 fly fishing trip with Minturn Anglers.

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