Erin Brown Trout - Dream Stream Minturn Anglers DenverI am on the Dream Stream so often that I have a large fly box with flies specifically selected for fly fishing these Gold Medal waters. Obviously I stock up on patterns that have worked well for me in the past. I also include flies recommended to me by other anglers, especially those I have picked up at my favorite fly shop, Minturn Anglers in Denver, based on recommendations from their knowledgeable staff. They always know current hatch conditions on the Dream Stream and are quick to point out patterns that will be most successful.

Monster trout in the Dream Stream are notorious for hugging the bottom and banks, but they will rise during hatches   ̶   or simply when the need hits them. I always bring along a good supply of patience, and a fairly wide selection and variety of flies, from nymphs, scuds, dries, terrestrials, to buggers and attractors. If one pattern is not working, switch and keep on trying.

Trying to match fly patters to current hatches is always recommended as a way to improve catch rates. Winter and spring hatches on the Dream Stream include midges and baetis. Summer months provide a greater variety, from caddis, tricos, mayflies, stoneflies, terrestrials and small streamers. In the fall, match patterns to hatches of tricos, mayflies, midges, streamers and terrestrials.

Here are some of the patterns I keep in my Dream Stream fly box:

  • Early in the year I tend to use attractor nymphs such as BMO nymphs, cassis larva and #20-24 midge in a dark brown, black or olive color
  • Favorite summer patterns include #16-18 tan or olive foam caddis, #14-16 Yellow Sally Dries, #14-16 Yellow Sally Nymphs, #20-24 black and grey sparkle wing, and #14-16 caddis larva
  • Moving into fall months, more successful patterns include Graphic Caddis #18-20, Amy’s Ant #12-14, Spinner Pearl Black Trico #20-26, and Flashback #20-22

I keep in mind that fish are not always targeted to a specific fly pattern. I know they will rise to a wide variety of aquatic life and bugs. If one pattern is not working, I vary my approach or try a different fly.

Success is only the next cast away!

It’s time to nail down your 2024 fly fishing trip with Minturn Anglers.

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