NEW Sage Fly Rods Review | All New Sage Rods for this Year!

NEW Sage Fly Rods Review | All New Sage Rods for this Year!

Introducing the Newest Sage Fly Rods – First, the Circa!

Sage CIRCA – Fly Fishing with Advanced, Slow-Action Performance. from Sol Duc Buck on Vimeo.
There is a great new Sage fly rod to be excited about for every fisherman this Year.  The New Sage Circa is a true medium action fishing tool great for dries & technical fishing situations that require light tippet.  The Sage ONE Spey Rods are also sure to find their way into every two hand fanatics quiver of spey rods.

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What is Konnetic Technology Used in Sage ONE & Circa Fly Rods?

Sage Circa $770

Sage has finally made a true medium action fishing tool!  This rod is simply unbelievable.  It looks and feels as light as 3wt, roll casts like a dream & has big fish turning power.  Everything we loved in the Scott G2, but in a lighter and certainly more accurate rod using the Sage ONE kennetic Technology. With winter approaching, this rod will be your best fishing partner for fighting tailwater fish on small flies and light tippet.

NEW Sage ONE  Switch Rods $850

ONE word (haha), “WOW!”  How can an 11′ 6″ rod feel so light and yet still be so powerful?  I have to tip my hat to Sage on this one, these 4 and 5wt rods are the perfect size switch rod for taking the two handed game to the trout stream. They throw all styles of spey very well and can still be used interchangeably as a single handed rod because they are so incredibly light.  I never thought I would say it, but I have officially become addicted to all the rods in the Sage ONE line!

Sage 99 Fly Rods

This rod is made to nymph.  Most fly rods are designed with the intent to cast over the top.  For those of us who fish in Colorado, we know that most of our casts are with nymph rigs where we are using roll casts and variations of to cast nymph rigs. The sage 99 series of rods are 9’9″ which makes picking up and casting a nymph rig much easier.  The rod has a little more flex in the middle which makes roll casting and stack mending a lot easier.  As the rod progresses towards the tip, the rod becomes a bit stiffer for better hook setting power.  The last 1 foot tip section of the rod is slightly softer to cushion light tippet and to prevent hooks from bending/pulling out. The extra 9 inches makes line control over longer drifts a lot easier.  For most of the front range fisheries I like the 5wt.  For bigger water like the Colorado or North Platte the 6wt makes the most sense.

NEW Sage Response & Approach Fly Rods $295-$395

Sage also revamped their offering of price point rods this year with the Response and the Approach.  I will say that both of these rods blow the previous Flight & Vantage away.  If you like a faster action rod in the $295-$395 price point this is the rod.  If you prefer a medium fast type of action I would lean you towards the Scott A4 at $375.

Redington Temp Fly Rods $169.95

The Temp is probably my favorite new rod for anglers of all skill levels.  At $169, I don’t know how you can top this rod.  The Temp is a true medium action rod, designed to load easy and fish at short ranges.  If you are in the market for a creek rod at a budget price, the Temp is the rod.  If you are new to fly fishing, I would recommend the temp in the 5wt which will really help you feel the rod load.  My personal favorite rod in the temp rod is the 8’6″ 3wt.  The rod is long enough to realistically nymph with on bigger rivers for those of us who like the fun in fighting fish on lighter lined rods.  This is the perfect Deckers & South Platte fly rod.
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It’s time to nail down your 2024 fly fishing trip with Minturn Anglers.

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