Wyoming Fishing & Camping | Miracle Mile

Wyoming Fishing & Camping | Miracle Mile

North Platte River fly fishing remains good to phenomenal so far this May. Fish are on the feed and hook ups are coming frequently regardless if you’re wading or floating. The weather has been unreal and we’ve even pitched a tent and camped for a few nights on the Miracle Mile. Heaven on the North Platte River in Central Wyoming!

A Typical Awesome Day On the Mile! Thanks to Jon & Dan for Putting this Video Together showing Spring Fly Fishing on the Miracle Mile!

For the most part, fish are FINALLY off the beds on Grey Reef and Fremont Canyon.  This is a good thing!  The less fish on the beds means more fish in the runs! Still a lot of big lake run fish in the Miracle Mile but the Mile also seams to be wrapping up the spawn.  Of the three tailwaters, the Mile is producing the best number of consistently big fish 20″ or bigger.  We’ve had clients this week who have spent a lot of time in Alaska and they all agree the Mile right now is as good for big fish as any place in Alaska. Simply unreal, get up here!

The weather has been nothing short of phenomenal all month on the North Platte River.  I’ve done a little camping around Grey Reef and the Miracle Mile so be sure to bring your tent and save a little on lodging & wake up right next to your favorite water!

Where to Fish on the North Platte River…

Miracle Mile: If you’re after big lake runs fish from the Bridge to Chalk Bluffs.  Crowds have been light during the week but busier on the weekends.

Grey Reef: Anywhere there is public access you will find fish on the feed.  If the dam area is busy, check out some of the fish near Government bridge accessed via Trappers Route.

Fremont Canyon: A lot of water (500 CFS) in Fremont.  Cardwell access area is still fishing well in the main channel.  It’s pretty plain as day where the main channel is….just look for the 20 foot wide green strip that runs right down the middle.

What to Fish…

Miracle Mile: 2x-3x Tippet

  • Point Fly: 6mm troutbeads in the mottled white or light peachy orange colors.
  • Middle Fly: Pat’s rubberlegs #6-8.  Lots of stone fly shucks in the water right now!
  • Trailer fly: #10 pine squirrel leach.
  • Streamers: Intruders and string leeches behind sink tips getting the job don!

Grey Reef: #3x-5X Tippet depending on fly size

  • Point Fly: Hot Head Leach or #10-14 red annelid
  • Middle Fly: #18 Red Annelid, black beauty emerger, Zebra midge
  • Trailer Fly: #18 Mercury Rs2, Jujubeatis, Loopwing Emerger

Fremont Canyon: Exact Same as Grey Reef.

NOTE: Lot’s of Walleye Still showing up on the Mile.  Dead drifting buggers or swinging intruder style flies has been picking up the eyes!

Walleye…It’s what’s for dinner!















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