North Platte String Leech Fly Pattern

North Platte String Leech Fly Pattern

This fly was designed for The Miracle Mile & Grey Reef Sections of the North Platte River.  This fly is best fished on the swing with a single or two handed rod using a sink tip.  This fly is similar to the Popular Pine Squirrel leech, but is strung out to give the entire fly movement as opposed to being bound down to the hook.  This is the easiest to tie & most effective swing fly we have found on the N. Platte River. Fly Recipe Hook: Strait eye Streamer hook broken 3/8″ max Thread: UTC 140 to match color Bead: Tungsten Plummeting Bead 1/8″ (orange, chartreuse or metallic red) Stinger Hook Attachment: 30lb Gelspun Backing Tail: Brown or Black Rabbit Strip Collar: Two spins rabbit to match tail color, Micro Arizona Chenille to match color scheme spun 2 to 3 turns behind the bead Stinger Hook: Standard stinger hooks for articulated flies (lighter wire is better so that it does not weigh down the tail.

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