Pegged Egg Rigging

Pegged Egg Rigging

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What is a Peg Egg Rig?
A peg egg rig uses a bead with shape and color fixed to the tippet above a stinger hook. When a fish eats the bead and the hook is set, the egg pulls out of the fish’s mouth leaving the hook in the corner of the lip.

Is it Harmful for the Fish?
If set up correctly a pegged egg is not harmful to the fish. The correct setup is no more than 2 1/2″ between the egg and the stinger hook. This distance will leave the hook in the corner of the mouth where the hook can be easily removed.

What are the Advantages
The biggest advantage is the weight of the bead and the way in which they roll naturally along the bottom. The second advantage is that beads can be made to be virtually identical to the egg color and size of the water you are fishing.


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