PRO Streamer Season

PRO Streamer Season

Want to become a PRO streamer fisherman this spring ?

Book some time in a boat on the Eagle River for one of the states best kept secrets,Pre Run ff streamer season.

The only reason it is a big secret is that there is usually no one here for it. The resorts close before the run off gets started (usually), locals split, winter help disappears and a few PROS are left with something special all to our selves……….a brief taste of something sweet to make mud season almost seem bearable, floating the Eagle, chuckin the big bugs


Jmac is a PRO

As flows begin to rise with warmer night time temps of spring, fish are shoved into survival lanes instead of feeding lanes.Most fish have been consistently feeding for a month or two before run off rudely interrupts spring break and finding fish comfortable enough to eat bugs can become a challenge. During the beginning of PRO, the flow will be melting snow from higher elevations and that can make for cold water even on a warm day. As the water temps get wacky, the behavioral drift of significant spring food sources like BWO’s and Caddis will become more of the catastrophic type.. Fish become much more opportunistic feeders during their time on the bank, aggression and dominance can be key traits to eating enough…..all stuff a streamer junkie wants to hear.


See why we call it meat?

Timing  the exact starting date of PRO is dependent on mother nature, but on a normal year, flows should start to bump somewhere between the 3rd week of April- 2nd week of May. Currently our winter flows on the Eagle in Avon are around 75 cfs, we are looking for flows of 200cfs or better to start playing with the boats. Lighter, stripped down rafts with one angler for the early, low water runs is ideal. As flows get to 300 cfs and above, 2 anglers and bigger rafts become easier to manage in a river often compared to a pinball game. Actual length of PRO can be 3 days- 2 weeks depending on clarity and flow or how fast it gets hot. If you live close enough to drop what you are doing, get on a call list. If you love to throw streamers, you won’t be sorry.

Senior Guide Anthony Mazza is a PRO


Junk Box

So come get yourself some! Spring Break for streamer fanatics is almost here.
I personally can’t wait to become a PRO,

It’s time to nail down your 2024 fly fishing trip with Minturn Anglers.

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