Quick Sink Thing-a-ma-bobber Rig

Quick Sink Thing-a-ma-bobber Rig

Tips For Knots and Rigging
This is a great rig and knot to use for fishing a variety of our shallow high gradient trout streams. The rig first came to me from friend and Guide Brandon Soucie of Taylor Creek fly shop in Basalt. the rig was developed for fishing out of a boat in fast water. In these situations a rig must be short and sink quickly. Dropping level 3x off the indicator allows the tippet material to cut through the water quicker and thus sink faster. When you have heavy butt section material below the indicator, your flies take longer to get down. In the standard nymph rig set-up you will get more “bend” in the leader which means you must have more distance from the indicator to the fly. This end result is less with your flies, and slower strike detection.

By using this setup, your rig will not only get down quicker, but you can keep your flies directly under your indicator on a shorter line. The open loop on the thing-a-ma-bobber also allows for less micro drag and greater strike sensitivity.

this is also a good rig for wade fishing quick pocket water, shallow riffles, and sight fishing situations.

To buy thing-a-ma-bobbers , tippet, leaders, flies and everything you will need to set up this rig, please give us a call at 720-851-4665!

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