Realizing the Dream Stream Adventure

Realizing the Dream Stream Adventure

40120-New Private Water on Brush Creek – 50% OFF ROD FEE-Man smiling with rodYou’ve thought about it. You’ve read about it. You have talked to friends who have actually been there. You’ve even searched out numerous video clips of grinning fly fishermen and women reeling in their trophy trout. Now it’s your time to experience the thrill of fly fishing the Dream Stream, the most famous water near Denver in Colorado.

Here are a few tips to help you prepare for your first Dream Stream adventure:

  • A 9 foot fly rod with a 5 weight line is the most versatile, allowing you to wet wade, float fish or cast from the bank; a 4X or 5X tippet should do, but you might have to go higher to deal with larger trout you might encounter
  • Weather in Colorado can change quickly, and will affect the hatch; drop in to a local fly fishing shop such as Minturn Anglers in Denver to check the current report for the Dream Stream and take the opportunity to stock up on appropriate fly patterns
  • Be sure clothing is versatile and adaptable to the extreme weather changes that can quickly occur on the Dream Stream; winds can be bracing at this 8,000 foot elevation, and afternoon lightning storms are frequent; being able to “layer” your clothing as needed is a good idea
  • Include quality wading boots and waders as well as a wading belt
  • There is less protection from the sun at this altitude, so include quality polarized sunglasses and a wide brim hat as part of your gear
  • Be sure to pick up a Colorado fishing license, a Habitat Stamp as well as information about regulations for fishing the Dream Stream

Some fly fishing enthusiasts enjoy a sense of accomplishment in taking time to research how to access Dream Stream waters, and gather their own information about flows and currently effective fly hatches. They enjoy putting all pieces of the puzzle together.

Others though, especially novice anglers, those new to the area, and those with limited time, will choose to hire a guide for a half or full day excursion. This is probably the most efficient way to maximize the Dream Stream fly fishing experience. Professional fly fishing guides like those from Minturn Anglers in Denver, Minturn or Vail can bring you to the best fishing spots, lend or rent additional equipment you might require, and spend one-on-one time with you to improve your technique. Catch your first trophy trout and you will know why this is the Dream Stream!   

It’s time to nail down your 2024 fly fishing trip with Minturn Anglers.

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