SA Fly Line Review | Sharkskin Shooting Line .032″/.035″ Information

SA Fly Line Review | Sharkskin Shooting Line .032″/.035″ Information

The Scientific Anglers Sharkskin Shooting line is the ultimate in long distance casting and minimal tangling running line for both fresh and saltwater applications.


This line is very slick due to the Sharkskin Pattern which allows for maximum line speed and distance. It also doesn’t tangle on the caster, in either single or double handed applications.

The core and make up of the Sharkskin Shooting line is that of braided multifilament and has a hard PVC coating. This makes this one of best running lines availiable.

At Minturn Anglers we have found it to be and incrediable running line on our Switch and Spey rods such as the Scott L2H, Sage VXP and Echo Two Handed Rods.

As for sizes, the shooting line comes in two sizes .032″ or 20lb and .035″ or 25lb; for colors, the line changes colors between sizes. Yellow/Gray Tip for the .032″ and Orange/Gray Tip for the .035″. Both Lines carry SA’s Line ID.



The Cost of the Shooting lines is $59.95






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