Rio Aqualux Fly Line Review | Rio Clear Intermediate Lake Line

Rio Aqualux Fly Line Review | Rio Clear Intermediate Lake Line

The Rio Aqualux Fly Line was designed for the series still water fly angler. This fly line from Rio is a clear slow sinking line that gets your flies down to whatever depth you choose. at 1.5 to 2.0 inches a second sink rate.

This is a great fly line for fly fishing for Colorado lakes, reservoirs & ponds. Our favorite way to fish this line is with a slow strip using a number of different flies depending on the season.

In the early season when ice first comes off Antero Reservoir, we like to fish this line with a number of different streamer and bugger type patterns. We also like to use this line with a chironomid pattern at Aurora Reservoir after ice off. Cast, let the line sink slowly and SLOWLY roll the fly back to you.

As the weather and water warms in the summer months we use this line to slow strip Calibaetis patterns at Spinney against the weedbeds. The same can be dun using scud patterns.

This is also the line I used in when I won the Teva Mountain games in 2011 to slow strip a prince nymph.

When using the Rio Aqulux lake Line, we prefer to use long Rods.  The Scott A4, Sage One & Scott S4 are great rods in the 6wt 9′ 6″ to 10′ class.

Rio Aqualux Fly Line Specifications
Colors: Clear/Trans Green
Line Weights: WF3I-WF8I

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