Rio Outbound Fly Line Review | Best Distance Casting Fly Line

Rio Outbound Fly Line Review | Best Distance Casting Fly Line

Rio Outbound fly lines were designed to rip! The heads of these lines load fast action rods with ease and generate the most power of any fly line I have ever used. Outbound fly lines have an aggressive front taper of 37ft or 30ft in the Outbound Short version. Lines are available in a coldwater version as well as a tropical version for saltwater use.
My first experience with the Outbound line was a few years back when I needed a fly line that excelled in distance while throwing big flies strait into the teeth of the wind for Hybrid Stripers (wipers).  The ideal hybrid fishing day is when the wind is blowing 40 miles an hour because it organizes the baitfish.  We generally wade fish for wiper in Colorado which doesn’t always allow us a ton of back casting room.
The Short head and thin diameter running line allows us to cast moonshots all day with few false casts, directly into the wind and with big flies.  Our favorite single hand rod with the Outbound line is the Scott 8wt S4S or the 7wt S4S.  We also like to use this rod for wiper with switch rods thrown overhand. In this scenario we generally like to overweight the rod 2 line sizes.  The new Scott L2H 11ft 6wt is the ultimate wiper fly rod with the 8wt Rio Outbound.
Rio Outbound Fly Line Profile, Specs & Line Sizes
-ultimate distance line if you have a little more backcasting room or prefer to carry a bit more line

Rio Outbound Short Line Profile, Specs & Line Sizes
-Ideal for little backcasting room & punching big flies into wind with fewer false casts. Also available in a Rio Outbound Tropical Line version that won’t wilt in the heat.

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