Rio Saltwater Fly Line Review | Bonefish, Tarpon, Redfish Lines

Rio Saltwater Fly Line Review | Bonefish, Tarpon, Redfish Lines

Rio Saltwater fly lines are amongst the best in the world for virtually every saltwater species.  Rio makes species specific fly lines with tapers designed to deliver the fly and present it the way certain species require.

Rio Fly Lines have a stiff core that deliver the best hook set, stabilize in flight & get the fly to the target the way you want it. Browse the Various Saltwater lines available from Rio listed in our review below.  Rio saltwater lines are durable, reliable & cover every saltwater fishing applications you will encounter.

Rio Bonefish Fly Line

-Fly Line specifically designed for the bonefish fly fisher. Great presentation Bonefish line for Hawaii, Belize & Keys. Also doubles as a nice permit line.

  • Unique taper allows a rod to load at close range
  • Great turnover and a long back taper to smooth out the casting loop
  • Stable on long shots
  • Hard saltwater coating over a medium stiff core results in a fly line that will not wilt in tropical conditions
  • Running line will not sink and tangle while wading

Rio Bonefish Fly Line Specs

Rio Tarpon Fly Line

-The perfect line for Tarpon and other tropical species that require similar casting & fishing demands. Don’t go to the Keys, Belize or any other tarpon destination without this line.

  • Long back taper for smooth, controlled casts
  • Slightly heavier than the AFTMA standard to load rods for quick accurate casts
  • Tropical coating that will not wilt in the heat

Rio Tarpon Line Specifications & Profile

Rio Redfish Fly Line
RIO’s Redfish line has a short back taper for fast casts to tailing reds. This is a great line for Texas & Louisiana Redfish

  • Mid length front taper will present a fly without spooking back country Reds
  • Features an increase in weight towards the front of the line to load rods at close range and to cope with typical saltwater winds
  • Hard saltwater coating retains great loop control

Rio Redfish Fly Line Specifications, Line Sizes & Line Profile

Rio Saltwater All Purpose Fly Line

The all-purpose saltwater line for the angler that needs versatility in a saltwater line.  If you are fishing in areas where you could encounter a number of species and need a line that isn’t great at anything but good at a lot of things then this is it.  Beyond that let’s face it, not all of us have the budget for a line for every fish we see or the time to pick up up another rod with a different line when the shot is right in front of us.

  • Taper design that will turn over big flies into any wind
  • Braided multifilament core for suppleness and has a hard AgentX saltwater coating that ensures the running line floats and RIO’s XS Technology for the slickest of finishes and ultimate in distance casts. Ideal for fishing in normal and early season conditions, it includes welded loops on both ends for easy rigging. The light coral color is incredibly easy to see in all light conditions.

Rio Saltwater Line Specifications, Line Sizes & Line Profile

Rio Fly Line Resources & Product Info

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