Rio StreamerTip Review | Rio Type 3, Type 6 Sink Tip Fly Line

Rio StreamerTip Review | Rio Type 3, Type 6 Sink Tip Fly Line

Rio Streamertip sinking tip fly lines are the ideal fly line for getting flies down with Single handed rods.  Streamertip lines are available in line size to throw and sink any size streamer you’d like.

All Rio Sink tip lines have an integrated sink tip that is build into the floating section of the fly line.  Streamertip lines are available with a 10′ clear integrated front sink tip that has a sink rate of 1-5-2.0″ a second. The heavier sink tip lines are have 15′ greyish black integrated tips and have sink rates anywhere from 3″ per second to 6″ a second. The 24′ integrated sink tip line has sink rates of 4.7 IPS (inches per second) to 8.4 IPS.

Rio StreamerTip Clear Sink Tip Fly Line

The clear front Streamertip line is my favorite line for fishing streamers from a boat against the bank where the water is not that deep but you do need the line to hit the water and sink, but not so hard that it spooks fish.

Rio Streamertip 10ft Clear Sink tip Line Specifications

Rio 15′  Sink Tip Fly Lines
The traditional sink tip lines are best suited when you are swinging flies in the middle of the river while wade fishing or fast striping streamers in a lake where the water is no deeper than 10 feet.

Rio 15′ Type 3 Sink Tip Fly Line Specs

Rio 15′ Type 6 Sink Tip Fly Line Specs


Rio 24′ Depth Charge Sink Tip Fly Line

The 24′ Sink Tips are for big rivers where the fly must sink very deep and you have backcasting room to make this cast.  This is also a good lake fishing line for throwing off the edge of sharp drop offs.

Rio 24ft Sinking Tip Fly Line Specifications

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