Rod Cuff Review by Duane Redford

Rod Cuff Review by Duane Redford

Innovation drives the sport of fly fishing!

Rod Cuff  on a Minturn Anglers DGE rod

I had just finished a presentation at the Ascent Fly Fishing Rendezvous when I was approached at the author’s booth by a nice couple. The gentleman, Levi, pulled out a peculiar looking device that resembled a couple of small elastic headbands. I love entrepreneurs! He began to explain what they are for, and I was immediately interested.

Entrepreneurs hold a special place in my heart because I love innovation, foresight, and hard work. This little device (RodCuffs) is designed with a couple of purposes. The two parts slide onto your dominant or casting arm comfortably and serve two unique purposes. One, the lower strap, can act as a casting aid while keeping the rod butt-wrist angle position static or locked. Simply slide the rod butt under the strap at your wrist, and bingo, a casting aid is utilized. The other purpose incorporates the upper strap slid up to below the elbow. The two pieces, in tandem, are designed to hold your fly rod for rigging and hero shots. Pretty novel idea.

No more trying to balance the rod on the back of your neck, or annoying “grip-bite” pictures when you use this thing. Also, if you’re waist deep in the drink, using the pieces in tandem, allows for a place to hold your rod while you rig.

I don’t work for Levi, but can get you in touch with him. Just contact me, and I can hook you up. Entrepreneurs and small biz, now that’s ‘Merica!

Fear No Water!

Duane Redford

p.s. Thanks to Eric Smart for being my “model”

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