SA Fly Line Review | Sharkskin Magnum Taper Fly Line Info

SA Fly Line Review | Sharkskin Magnum Taper Fly Line Info

SA Sharkskin Magnum Taper– Floating taper for big flies and fast rods. Designed to throw big flies, indicators, big wind on todays fastest rods.

The SA Sharkskin Magnum is our choice here at Minturn Anglers for all of our big fly needs. It is a specialized line to get big jobs done, from throwing big indicator rigs to a majority of our warm water needs. The line is optimized for warm water condtions, comes with a braided monofilament core and SA’s line id on the front of the line.

This Sharkskin Magnum Taper is a great fly line for Scott S4S series of rods, the TCX from Sage. It comes in line weights from 4wt to 10wt to cover all of your needs.

The price of the line is $99.95

SA Magnum Taper comes in one color Mist Green

SA Magnum Tropical Taper

Is the hot water/saltwater version of their Magnum Taper Fly Line. Its designed for big flies, big saltwater flats winds, fastest rods to get any job needed done.
The unique front taper turns over any fly, weighted or unweighted over with out the dreaded kick. This line is high floating to help you pick up and get back into the game with ease. With the skarkskin pattern it means no tangles and its Tropi-Core means no welting while being on a hot boat deck.

Here at Minturn Anglers we recommed this line on the Scott S4S or S4 as well is either Sage Xi3 or TCX for maximum performance.

The cost of the line is $99.95 and it comes in one color Mist Yellow.

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