SA Fly Line Review | Mastery Textured Series Information

SA Fly Line Review | Mastery Textured Series Information

The Scientific Angler’s Mastery Textured Series of lines in spin off of the original Sharkskin series of lines. A great way for an angler to try a specialty line without being a fully textured line.

Where the Mastery Textured line is different from its Sharkskin brother is the fact the line isn’t textured 360 degrees around the line in a cross hatched pattern. It is actually dimpled just like a golf ball on the four corners that touches the rod guides the most. Think about a clock, at 12 o’clock, 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock and 9 o’clock with regular fly line in between the textured sections. This gives you great casting, shooting, high floating line with out the abrasive texture of a Sharkskin line; its also not as noisy.

It comes in a lot of the same tapers as both the Regular Mastery lines as well as the Sharksin lines. In the next section we will show you a quick over veiw of the lines offered in this Textured Series. All lines carry SA’s Line ID Stamp. The Cost of all the lines in this series are $79.95




Mastery Textured Nymph/Indicator- This is a great line for all your nymphing needs. High floating orange tip for easy mending and strike detection. It comes in line weights from 4wt to 8wt.






Mastery Textured GPX- Please see our review on the GPX Sharkskin line, same taper just not sharkskin pattern.




Mastery Trout Stalker Line- The ideal dry fly line for both sort and long casts alike. Low memory and designed for cold water enviroments. 6 feet of super high floating Dry Tip Technology to keep everything up where it needs to be. It comes in line weights from 3wt to 7wt.







Mastery Textured Coastal Express- A low memory surf casting sinking line that is designed for coastal fisheries. It comes with an intermidate sinking running line accompanied by a fast sinking head to keep your flies in the strike zone longer. Best in cold water enviroments and with its short head it allows for quick loading and long casts. It comes in 250 and 350 grain weights.





Mastery Textured Saltwater- Please see our write up of Sharkskin Saltwater line as it is basically the same line just not as the Sharkskin pattern.






Mastery Textured Magnum- Please see our review on the Sharkskin Magnum taper. You will be able to see tapers and additonal information on the line there.





Mastery Textured Titan- This line is designed to throw the biggest line at the farthest targets possible. Textured surface for maxium shootablity, short powerful head to load the rod quickly. Its multifilament core, moderate stiff allows for strong delivery even at distance. It comes in line weights from 6 to 10.





Mastery Textured Tarpon- With its powerful front taper to throw the big flies, stealthy clear intermediate color, Tropi-Core, high stiffness core makes this line a perfect choice for Tarpon fishing around the world. It comes from 10wt to 13 wt line sizes.





Mastery Textured Streamer Express- A fly line specifically designed for fishing subsurface, this line gets deep and stays there! Fast sinking head fused with interediate running line so that while you are retriving the fly it stays down. Monofilament core, mod stiffness, strong delivery covering any type of streamer fishing you may want or need to do. It comes in grain weights from 150 to 400 grains, this ranges from 5 up to 12 weights.





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