SA Fly Line Review | Sharkskin GPX Fly Line Information

SA Fly Line Review | Sharkskin GPX Fly Line Information

The SA Sharkskin GPX is a perfect everyday use fly line to cover just about any fishing situation that you could be faced with its a floating general presenation taper.

Sharkskin GPX floats high, more durable and less memory than most other fly lines out on today’s fly line market. SA uses their Dry Tip Technology in this line, that means they actually put more air bubbles in the first 15 ft of this line so the tip floats as high as possible to give you the most precise line control. What this means is you have the most control over any sized flies you want to throw.

Other added features of this line is loops welded on both ends of the fly line to help in rigging, SA’s line ID so you know exactly what it is. Their AST Technology combined with the skarkskin pattern makes for a super slick fly line that allows for maximum casting distance when needed. Bested suited for cold water enviroments.

Here at Colorado Skies outfitters we recommend this line to be used Scott S4 and the Sage VXP or TCX due to the fact its a half line weight heavier to load up fast action rods.

It comes in two colors, Optic Green and Willow.



The cost of the line is 99.95


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