The NEW Sage ONE is Here!

The NEW Sage ONE is Here!

Just in…a stash of Sage ONE Rods

The Sage ONE has arrived.  This rod is going to be a game changer!  As soon as FedEx handed over the box, I thought Sage forgot to put rods inside the box.  I could have sworn the box was completely empty, but nope it was full!  First impressions of the new Sage ONE are great.  The rod tube, sock and rod are all colored in a deep, very rich black.  Just my style, not bright or flashy, just serious business.  The rod is wrapped in sexy new hardware.  The reel seat has toned down hardware (somewhat of a  bronze look), which works perfect with the deep black and the over all “stealth” of the rod.

Pure Class…

Once I had out the rod together and was rearing to cast, I paused for a moment to make sure there was still a rod in my hand!   Seriously… a 4 piece 4 weight that is only 2.5 ounces!  She feels amazing, I promise you will not get tired of casting this beauty.  Now for all of you who now me, you know I love my Scott rods, but Sage has done something good here.  Everything I like about a fly rod is here in this package.  For those of you who loved the old XP, you will not be disappointed in this rod.  It retains the XP feel, but more power was added and it is almost half the weight.  Everything is there!

Only 2.5 ounces…WHAT?

Now for those of you who say every rod is the same, there is no denying that the ONE is not the same (I assume that is why they named it the “ONE”).  It will cast long and still load short.  It is light in hand and accurate from a distance as well as up close.  It can carry more line in the air than two regular rods combined.  I must say that I am impressed.

Love the new grip taper!

I love the new grip taper too.  It is different than any other rod I have ever casted.  Is is comfortable to hold and your handle doesn’t slide around when you are really putting the juice to the rod.  Everyone must cast this rod.  Just to show you what you are really getting when you spend the extra bucks.  Stay tuned to our opinion on the ONE and also the review when we able to get it on the water.

Getting ready to give her a cast…

The only complaint is the name…we have nicknamed it the “Uun” from this piece of Talladega Nights.


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