Sage ONE Review | On the Water Fly Rod Reviews

Sage ONE Review | On the Water Fly Rod Reviews

The ONE makes it into Cheesman

Here is part two to our Sage ONE Gear Review. I usually like to actually “fish” a new rod, before I make my final opinion of the product…so lets begin. In my first review, I stated that I loved the rod, and my opinion has not changed. In fact, I love it even more. One of the largest problems fast action rods have, is their inability to be sensitive and protect light tippets. Somehow Sage has been able to combine the two with their innovative materials and taper designs. I carried to ONE into one of the most technical fisheries yesterday, Cheesman Canyon, and had the pleasure of throwing tiny dries on light tippet to big fish. The Sage ONE throws perfect, crisp dry fly loops, which makes it easy to make delicate presentations to picky fish. Something that fast action rods have always struggled with. I must say that I was truly impressed on how the Sage ONE handled light presentations.

Trico resting on the “ONE”

Later in the day, the dry fly action subsided and we resorted to throwing gobs of weight to fish in deep runs.  How did the Sage ONE do?…it passed with flying colors.  The fast action of the ONE and it’s stiff materials make it a mean nymphing rod.  Roll casting heavy amounts of weight is no problem.  The rod remains responsive and is able to turn over the nastiest of nymph rigs.  At one point I have 3 AB split shots on and a 12 foot rig…no big deal for the ONE.

A Gob of Weight

Now for all of us who do not like the name “ONE”, in some ways it does make sense.  After casting, fishing and thoroughly field testing, I can now understand the name.  Now, that doesn’t mean I like it, but I can understand it.  The Sage ONE switch fly rod is so well rounded and versatile I would classify it as a true all purpose rod, hence Sage’s name for it.  If you still don not believe come cast it for yourself, I have a demo that you are more than welcome to cast (when we don’t have it on the river for ourselves).

Best Fly Lines for the Sage One Fly Rod

The sage one is an extremely versatile rod across a variety of casting strokes & fishing applications.  For this reason, a number of lines will fit this rod well.

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