San Juan River Fishing Report

San Juan River Fishing Report

San Juan River
November 29, 2011
Flow: 350 rising to 459 CFS

Jim Mann, one of the shop regulars, made it down to the San Juan River in New Mexico.  We are giving you this report because there is something special going on down there.  The river has been re channelized and the braids were dug out.  This was done due to the new Indian water rights law just passed.  Jim said the braids fished better than he has ever seen.  He said the fish piled into the braids after the channelization was finished.

Jim with a fat San Juan Rainbow

Jim’s Report

“What an awesome trip. We were very lucky with our timing. They finished the stream enhancement project of the Braids above Texas Hole the day we arrived and opened the area to fishing the next day. Tons of fish in dredged out holes now 4-6 feet deep that were only inches deep before. Fish chased and slammed yellow eggs like no tomorrow. The last day was out of control. The math is hard to do after so many damn fish to the net but… a very conservative number is 60 fish each on Thurs. At one point I made 12 casts and caught 10 fish ! Nothing huge with most the standard SJ issue 17-18″ rainbow. Biggest were around 21 inch. One angler reported catching at 24″ rainbow and said he actually measured it. The river was virtual empty every day.  Flies = yellow eggs (big #14-16), red or orange sparkle worm (pig sticker style), red midge larva in AM switching to chocolate emerger in PM.”

Typical Fish on the San Juan River

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