Scientific Anglers Mastery Series Saltwater Lines Product Reviews | SA Fly Line Information

Scientific Anglers Mastery Series Saltwater Lines Product Reviews | SA Fly Line Information

Scientific Anglers Mastery Series Saltwater fly lines have you covered for everything the swims the flats anywhere! It covers everything from coldwater redfish to big tarpon in the keys
Starting off the with the Saltwater Taper from SA, this is a floating specialty that excels in wade fishing. It is built on a braided multifilament core, with low stiffness, that gives teh angler a moderate delivery. The running line optimized to float and reduces memory, which is great if wading around coral, you don’t have to go back and unhook your line while its draging behind you. Another great feature is the fact the line is two tone for better visibility, and designed to work in a wide variety of weather condtions.
The Saltwater taper has a compound taper to aid in turning over big flies at any range and has a small diameter to deal with windy conditions because lets face it’ when isn’t the wind blowing on the flats?
SA offers this line in weights from 6wt to 14wt to cover all your needs. The 6-9 weight lines come with medium head to aide in distance casting, while the 10-14 weight lines come with shorter head for quick casts with larger flies.Next up in this line up is the SA Bonefish Taper, another specialty floating line that is delicate, with low visibility to aid in deliveries to skittish bones. SA builds this line on their braided Tropi-Core monofilament, with high stiffness not to wilt and gives you strong delievery to help punch through the wind. Delivers performance in tropical conditions, and is a great for all flats fish including permit and baby tarpon.
SA has done a great job designing the head of this line; its a long head and stiff core help fly control and casting accuracy which is key with any flats fishing. Along these lines SA has given this line a stiff coating and core for enhanced shootin for when you need to reach out and touch someone. The horizon and clear (sinking) colors blend in with the sky to add to the stealth of this line truly making it a killer choice of lines.
The third line in this line up is Redfish Taper in both warm and cold water versions. As a specialty floating taper designed by top Redfish guides you truly get the best of the best. It comes with a short front taper that is a half-heavy head for those quick shots at cruising fish. The running line is its own special design with increased diameter so that it works great from a boat or wading. It is also looped at both ends for easy setup.
Redfish Warmwater (6-10 weights) is designed to work in hotter climates (above 70 degrees) and comes with a hard PVC fromulation and built on withTropi-Core Technology, which gives you strong delivery. This all makes sure your line doesn’t turn into a noodle when the big moment comes.
Redfish Coldwater (7-9 weights) is designed to work in colder enviroments (below 70 degrees) and comes with a soft PVC formulation which works much better in colder situations. With its braided multifilament nylon core it maintains line stiffness for better turnover in cold climates, where the Tropi-Core will get too still to cast accurately.
The last line in the line up for flats style fishing is the SA Tarpon Taper. This is SA’s “big gun launcher” that casts massive flies. SA uses their Tropi-Core Technology, along with high stiffness and a moderate delivery. With its stiff core, it gives you the best shootability in tropical winds and heat but yet is still smooth casting, great delicate delivery, tangle-free design to make the most of every shot.
The Tarpon uses a short head which translates to fewer false casts so that you don’t miss your chance. This line isn’t just for tarpon it is great for other shallow water game fish as well.
It comes in two line choices, floating and a slow sinking versions. The floating line comes looped at the end for fast connection. The lines come in horizon and clear (sinking) colors camouflage the line so fish cannot easily see it putting the ace in your sleeve. Available in line sizes from 10wt to 13wt in the floating and 10wt-14wt in the sinking, will have you covered period!
The cost of all these lines we have spoke about are $69.95


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