Scientific Anglers Medium Waterproof Fly Boxes | SA Fly Box Information

Scientific Anglers Medium Waterproof Fly Boxes | SA Fly Box Information

When it comes to waterproof fly boxes, Scientific Angler brings an affordable, perfect sized line of boxes to help every angler get organized in their everyday fishing to the table.

In the medium sized box line up offered by SA there are 7 different boxes to choose from, SA believes and designed these boxes to be anyone’s everyday box.  They are as follows, Max Nymph/Dry 446, Classic 176 Angled, Special Dry 516, Classic 280, Max 752, Nymph 210 and finally the Streamer/Saltwater 72.

Starting off with the Max Nymph/Dry 446 Fly Box. SA has built this box to be your “does-it-all” fly box and perfect sized for your daily fishing. As it is set up you can put nymphs, weight and indicators on one side and midges and dries on the other side; thus allowing for a very versitle box that anyone can appreciate. This box holds the standard trout sizes from a size 20 up to a 10s and with its slotted foam it can hold up to 446 flies. Priced nicely at $27.95

Next up,  is the Classic 176 Angled Fly Box. Originally designed to holds medium to large bass bugs and allows you to store each bass bug in a thin profile making them much easier to carry. SA built this box with an angled center divider; thus preventing crushing poppers when closed. This is a procedure that is easily done with one hand. The slotted foam allows for easy placement of flies and the clear top allows the next selection to be a breeze. While first thought to be just a bass box it turns out to be a great all around streamer box especially for anything with a bigger head on it. SA has competively priced this box at $26.95.

The third box in this line up is Special Dry 516, as the name implies this box is set up to carry all of your favorite dry flies. The best of both worlds in one fly box, one side for midges size 20 to 14 and one side for dries sizes 16 to 8; making sure you don’t miss a beat in your fly selection. With slots to hold 516 flies, our dry fly fans are in heaven in all the room found in a box that wont take up a lot of space. With a clear, waterproof outer shell you don’t have to open up the box to take a look at the next bug you may want to tie on but when it comes to opening or closing the box it can all be accomplished with one hand. Coming in with a price tag of $29.95 it will leave you with change in your pocket to make sure it stays full.

The fourth box offered by Scientific Anglers is the Classic 280. SA has set this one up to be more of a general use fly box. Designed to hold up to 280 flies in its slotted foam in sizes from 20 up to a 10. This is for an angler that might just need one box, travels light and has their assortment of flies set up just the way they want. Just like the other boxes mentioned above, it sports a clear case, easy to open or close with one hand and a waterproof seal. Also would make a solid choice in a day trip box. It comes in with an affordable price tag of $25.95 so you will still have gas money to be able to go fish.

The fifth box box offered by Scientific Anglers, is the Max 752 the largest capacity box in the medium sized boxes. Much like the Classic 280 it is honestly set up for general fishing, holding flies from sizes 20 to 10, which in a lot of cases that is the most common size of most trout anglers flies. Its slotted foam on both sides of the center page and on both parts of the case allows this perfect sized box to hold up too 752 of your favorite flies and with a easy to swallow price tag of $31.95 makes it a great main stay fly box.

It’s time to nail down your 2024 fly fishing trip with Minturn Anglers.

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