Scientific Anglers Professional Series Fly Line Product Review | SA Fly Line Information

Scientific Anglers Professional Series Fly Line Product Review | SA Fly Line Information

The Professional Series by Scientific Anglers provides great taper designs for multiple purposes and most weather conditions. Its well-recognized and proven performance make this series an exceptional value and popular choice among anglers.
In this line up SA offers 4 lines, a Floating Line, Sink-Tip, Full Sinking and a Saltwater line to cover you any where your angling passion takes you.
Starting off with the Professional Floating line, an excellent general-purpose line for all weather conditions. It is designed to be a high floating line, that will remain supple for ease of use in all conditions. SA builds this line on a braided multifilament nylon core, which gives this line the attributes mentioned above.
SA offers the Professional Floating line in both a Weight Forward and a Double Taper. The Weight Forward line a group tailored head design for general use, while the Double Taper carries a longer, more delicate front taper for enhanced accuracy for those in close, tight casts. The Weight Forward Lines are available in 3wt to 8wt and the Double Taper is offered from 3wt to 6wt.
Next up in the Professonial Series of Fly Lines is the Sink-Tip line, a great line for all of your streamer and wet fly fishing.  Built on a multifilament nylon core, a shorter tip for short to medium distance fishing and exceptional control at these distances. The mid-length head will help enchances control as well making this a very well balanced fly line.
This line offeres sink rates from 2.5 -6.5 ips. To put a number with this stat, the Professional Sink Tip comes in Type III and Type V. The Type III comes in line weights 5wt-9wt, while the Type V is available in 5wt-10wts.
The last freshwater line offered in the Professional Series is the Full sink, which is Scientific Anglers orignial full sinking line (formerly the Wet Cell Series).  SA has used two cores in this line, a single strand monofilament nylon, except the Type I (intermediate sink) which gets a multifament core. These lines have a very uniform sink rate from tip to belly so you won’t get the dreaded line sag in your presentation. Along with its thing diameter this line casts well in every type of weather condtion.
When it comes to taper, this line uses a mid-length head for exception distance and control, making this line have superior casting over other sinking lines. SA has done a great job in offereing this line is 5 different sink rate options to make sure no fishing situation is out of reach. Sink rates are from 1.25-8.0 ips, or Intermidate, Type II, Type III, Type IV and Type VI. In the two slower sink rates the line comes from a 4wt-9wt and the Type III and IV are availible from a 5wt-10wt and the Type VI range from 5wt to 9wt.
The last line in the Professional Series of lines is the Saltwater Taper. SA uses a braided multifilament nylon core for strong delievery in all weather condtions. SA has designed this line to have powerful turnover with big flies in any condtion. Next, this line is made heavier than standard lines to load up quickly with todays faster action rods.
With its shorter head it allows for quick cast in short as well as long distance casts. It is the ideal line for quck casts with larger flies. Avaliable in line weights from 7wt to 12wt to cover you from bonefish up to tarpon and everything in between.
With a budget in mind SA sells this line at $39.95 to meet anyones budget.



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