Scientific Anglers Streamer Express Fly Line Product Reviews | SA Fly Line Information

Scientific Anglers Streamer Express Fly Line Product Reviews | SA Fly Line Information

Scientific Anglers offers a comprehensive line of sink tips lines called the Streamer Express and you cannot find a better set of lines anywhere!
These lines come in everything from a Floating line to 50 foot sink tips to cover any possible situation faced by todays anglers.
We will start with the Kelly Galloup Floating Streamer Express. Designed by Kelly Galloup with a very unique tape, first of its kind floating streamer line. This line excels  in accommodating large flies with active retrievals, great for the angler that might not want a full sinking line or a sink tip. With its large high float head, it allows for easy mending and has a braided multifilament core, that is one-size heavier. Available in 5wt to 7wt.
Next, this brings us to the Streamer Express Clear Tip line. A invisible intermediate sinking tip fly line that is perfect even for the most wary fish. Its built on a mono core that has moderate stiffness and strong delievery to do anything the angler asks it to do. Along with the strong core it has a hard intermediate-density running line with AST technology that excels in shooting with no tangles to help eleminate headaches. This line also has a built in handling section designed for mending & quick pick-ups to make the most of fishing time. With its 30’ head for best overall casting performance, it will provide long casts, with big flies, and do it with a minimal amount of  false casts, getting your flies back in the water quicker. It spans line sizes from a 5wt up too a 12wt.
Third, the Streamer Express 30ft sink tip line, a rapid sinking tip for both fresh and saltwater. This line goes deep and stays there; a very effective streamer line. Built on a braided mono core, with moderate stiffness and strong delivery to power streamers any where they need. With a small diameter intermediate running  your flies will stay deeper than ever before and have less drag in the water.A very durable and low tangling line to make fishing streamers a joy. Ideal for a boat or casting with a stripping basket, so it will have you covered in all of your favorite ways to fish. Fish with un-weighted streamers for optimal results, this allows for the best fishing action. This line comes in every line weight from a 5wt clear up to a 13wt.
Finally, the big sink tip, the Gallop 50 ft Sink Tip. Unique streamer specific line designed with Kelly Galloup, it carries flies with ease to any distance. Specially designed to get flies deep in the water column and keep them there no matter how fast the retreve. With its novel low memory core for fishing in the coldest conditions you won’t have to worry about tangles. Super slick intermediate running line aides in long shooting casts and makes sure that the whole system stays down. This line truly loads quickly and shoots a mile, leaving no place in the river safe. It’s available from 6wt up to a 9wt to cover todays most popular streamer rods. This is what Scientific Anglers has to say about this line-
“Kelly Galloup’s style of streamer fishing involves a lot of repetitive casting and fast retrieves to land the biggest fish in the river. This unique line helps anglers reach the water that is home to the biggest predators with pinpoint casts to shaded banks, pockets, ledges, and dark troughs”.
The cost of all of these awesome lines is $69.95



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