Scientific Anglers Supra Fly Line Product Review | SA Fly Line Information

Scientific Anglers Supra Fly Line Product Review | SA Fly Line Information

Scientific Anglers brings 3 Lines in their Supra Fly Line Series that balance high quality lines at at great price to fit any budget! With a Floating, Sink-Tip Freshwater lines and a General Purpose Saltwater Line, you will be covered in any situation you may face.
The first is a general purpose floating line that comes in both a Weight Forward and Double Taper versions. These lines are top quality all purpose fly lines that are the ultimate in floating, castablity and durability giving the budget minded angler the biggest bang for their buck. The Supra Floating line with it versitile tapers excels with most flies and conditions faced by todays anglers.
Both the WF and the DT Taper lines are built on a supple braided multifilament nylon core to make them very user friendly. When it comes to tapers the WF is a mid-length head and each line weight carries its own specific taper and the front taper is specific to that line weight. While the DT has a delicate front taper to aid in making that critical short cast.
In line weights spaning from a 2wt to 9wt in the Weight Forward depending on the color and from a 3wt to 6wt in the Double Taper Lines you can cover all your rods.
Next up in the freshwater line of Supra Fly Lines offered by Scientific Anglers is the Sink-Tip line. Its designed for enhanced castability and line control, with its superior straight-line connection to the fish it makes this line ideal for all your streamer or wet fly fishing.
SA builds this line on a braided mulitfilament nylon core to aid in casting for all experience levels. They also worked hard on the tapers of this line, tapered tips (lengths 8′ to 14′ depending on line weight) and carries a permanently slick coating allowing this line to cast longer, provide greater line control. When it comes to sink rates, it covers 2.0-6.o ips which equals Type III and Type V sinking lines. The Type III is offered in line weights from 5wt up to 9wt and the Type V comes in line weights from 5wt to 10wt.
The final line in this line up is the Saltwater Line. SA has built the Supra Saltwater line to be a general purpose saltwater line to get you in the game at a great price. Designed to make fast, powerful casts in even the windiest conditions. Its short head allows for quick loading so you don’t miss you shot at cruising fish when the pop up out of what seems no where. Also its a longer line to be able to reach out to any distance needed.
SA built this line with weight specific front tapers, on a braided monofilament nylon core and with a telecast bump so the angler can feel when you should pick up and recast. Its stiffer, harder design makes sure it will not wilt in tropical conditions. SA offers this line from a 7wt up to a 12 wt. The 7 to 9 weights come with a loop.
All of these lines come in a budget friendly price of $49.95.



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