Scott Fly Rod Introduces The New Centric Fly Rod

Scott Fly Rod Introduces The New Centric Fly Rod

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Scott Fly Rod Introduces The New Centric Fly Rod


Change is always something I fear when it comes to new products. If we start talking outdoor gear the stakes begin to rise even more.  Whether it is my favorite pair of boots or a pack, I grow fond of them. The path to finding the perfect product is never easy. If you are like me this process involves countless hours reading blogs, comparing products, and picking apart your local salesperson’s brain to ensure you make the right decision. Then when you finally pull the trigger you hope you have no regrets.  

A little over 6 years ago, I took the plunge and bought my first Scott fly rod. This 9ft 4wt Radian had me hooked from the get-go and this rod did not follow the pain staking process I normally take. The Radian casted like a dream, it was fast but responsive. This new rod was unlike any other rod at the time; it had feel to balance its speed. From day one I contested that Scott had crafted the perfect western fly rod. Fast forward to 2020 and this rod has stood the test of time. In fact I now own a radian from a 3wt to a 7wt and have fished it everywhere from Argentina to Alaska. It is my humble opinion that Scott redefined what a fast rod should be and set the benchmark for every other rod maker to chase.

When I got the call from our rep back in July, I knew what was coming… A new rod was being introduced to replace the Radian. My fear somewhat tuned to anger at the possibility that my favorite rod would be no more. I consistently asked “Why?” Why mess with a perfect product? Why destroy a great thing? I love the Radian, Our Customers love the Radian, how can this be better?

We finally got our hands on this new “demo” from Scott and our fears became a distant memory. This rod was smooth and powerful. The Radian is fast but this new Centric loaded smoother and packed some serious punch. We casted the 5wt version and at times it felt like I had the power of a 6wt but all the feel of a 4wt. I will never attest to be the world’s best caster, but man did this new fly rod toss some tight loops and drop a cast on a dime.  I instantly could see how this rod would fit every situation we could throw at it anywhere in Colorado.  While we only got to cast and handle the demo version, the final photos reveal this new rod is a beauty and perfected in every way.

Spending time with this rod made me realize why Scott Fly Rod has become the industry leader in rods. Rod maker Jim Bartschi and the team at Scott have always pushed the envelope to be better and to improve. I for one am glad they did not share my view of messing with a perfect product and insisted on being better. Thank you Scott for your continued commitment to innovation and pushing the Fly-Fishing world to new heights. Us anglers will be reaping the benefits for years to come.

All of us at Minturn Anglers are beyond excited to get the new rods in our hands and share our thoughts with you. Stay tuned as each one of our staff members will be sharing their experiences with the new rods and giving their in depth reviews. The Centric launches 9/1 and will be in our shop for you to cast any day!

-Justin Nolan


Please see below for Scott’s statement on the release of the new Centric Fly Rod.


Scott Fly Rod Company, Montrose, Colorado, September 1, 2020


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Introducing the new Centric series fly rods.

Scott put the feel in fast action rods. Now we’re taking it to the next level.

Cutting edge Centric series fly rods deliver new levels of stability, recovery speed, and range, while giving anglers tons of feedback through the easy flexing tip sections and highly transmissive blanks.

These are the most efficient rods Scott has ever created. High line speed, flat, stable loops are easily generated at any distance with minimal effort from the caster.

Apparent to anglers of any skill level, these rods feel very light in the hand, are insanely accurate, and are simply a joy to fish at any distance.

Ease of roll casts and mends is next level. The ability to control loop shape and line speed at any distance give anglers wide ranging versatility.

Centric rods combine new tapers and multi-modulus lay ups with a new resin system to increase fiber density and reduce weight, and they feature our new generation ARC reinforcement for greater stability along multiple axes. New custom rolling equipment allows us to control fiber placement and density with new levels of precision.

And just to top it all off, we designed new standard-setting componentry for Centric rods that redefine functionality, durability, and beauty.

Scott Centric rods are fit with Flor grade cork, new titanium stripping guides with super slick zirconia inserts, new low glare Snakebrand Universal snake guides, and a new fully milled reel seat featuring speed threads, easy grip knurling, self-indexing hoods, micarta inserts, a special Delrin lock washer, and type 3 flat black hard coat.

Centric rods retail for $895 and are available in models ranging from 8.5’ to 10.0,’ in line weights 4 to 7. All Centric rods are 4 pieces and come in an embroidered cloth bag and premium aluminum rod tube.

Centric rods are handcrafted in the USA from the finest materials.

It’s time to nail down your 2024 fly fishing trip with Minturn Anglers.

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