Scott G2 Fly Fishing Rod Review Test

Scott G2 Fly Fishing Rod Review Test

Mayfly on the Scott G2 Fly Rod

The Scott Fly Rod Company in Monrose, CO got this one right. Scott G2 Series Fly Rods are in a class of their own.  Scott G2’s are tailor made for technical tailwater and dry fly fisheries.

For us here in Colorado, this means that the Scott G2 is a perfect fit for the South Platte River, Frying Pan River and many other Colorado Tailwaters.  Scott offers several tapers and weights in the G2 Series rods, I am going to focus on one for this report.  The 8 foot 8 inch 4 weight (G2884-4).  This is the rods that stands out from it’s brothers and sisters in the line.

Scott G2 Fly Rod

The Scott G2 884-4 is the ideal length for both nymphing and dry fly presentations.  Not quite 9 feet, but just a hair over 8’6″.  This gives you just enough length to mend and control line, while giving you unmatched accuracy and loop control.  Not only is the G2 a wonderful tool, but it is also Scott’s most attractive rod (in my opinion).  A slate grey blank is perfectly matched with bronze wraps and trim, making it very distinctive.  A classy wooden reel seat and internal ferrules give it almost a “vintage” look.  The G2 uses compound progressive tapers to achieve unmatched sensitivity and feel through out the rod.  This allows you to throw super small flies, with small tippet, to giant trout!  It is not difficult to land a 20″ rainbow in 6X tippet, something that is not possible with other rods.

Scott G2 fly rods
The G2 loves Dries!

The G2 is dry fly tossing machine, but it is not meant for everything.  She does not really like the wind, or throwing giant chunks of split shot.  She likes to do the delicate and soft work, when presentation is key.  If you are in the market for a rod with a soft touch and a super presentation skills, then the G2 is a perfect fit for you.

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Fly Line Recommendations
Rio Trout LT is the best fly line for the Scott G2


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