Scott T2H 1085 Switch Rod Product Review

Scott T2H 1085 Switch Rod Product Review

I simply cannot say enough about this rod and how extremely useful it has been for me in a variety of situations. It is the perfect size spey/switch rod for Colorado that can be thrown either single handed or double handed.  It is an easy rod to load and it makes covering water effortless.  When your favorite river is running big and those fish on the other bank once seamed out of reach, the 1085 T2H is your answer.  If you want to fish streamers deeper and really cover the water look no further. Pictured above the South Platte running at 800 CFS (normally 200) during hopper season.

Through the summer months I love throwing this rod using the traditional style spey cast to skate hoppers on the opposite bank. The photo above is on the Grey Reef Section on the North Platte. This fish ate a hopper on the skate after a long drift.  When using the 1085 for this purpose I prefer to use it with the Rio 4/5 Switch line.

swing streamers on the dream stream near DenverWhen it’s time to swing streamers  on small to medium size water this rod is also very good at throwing light skagit lines.  I’ve used this rod to do so on the Dream Stream, Colorado, Eagle and Roaring Fork with great success.  I feel the best shooting head for this rod is Scientific Anglers 280 grain Skagit Extreme Head.  The T8 or T11 MOW TIPS all work well with this setup.

My absolute favorite fly to swing on this rod is Craven’s Double gonga or the circus peanut.  Other common steelheadish flies such as the Intruder and other similar flies can also be thrown with success in bringing out the big fish on our local trout waters using this setup.

The T2H is truly a one of a kind switch rod made for bringing the two handed game to our everyday trout stream.  The T2H is a premium fly rod hand crafted in Montrose, CO that retails at $825.  At Minturn Anglers we offer free one-on-one  spey casting lesson with the purchase of any T2H rods.

It’s time to nail down your 2024 fly fishing trip with Minturn Anglers.

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