Simms G3 Guide Jacket Review

Simms G3 Guide Jacket Review

Simms G3 Guide Jacket Product Review

A few weeks ago I had a chance to meet a good friend in Michigan to chase the King Salmon spawn run in a few of the Lake Michigan tributaries.  We were fortunate to be on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, but we weren’t so fortunate with the weather.

Staying dry keeps you on the water longer!

A few days prior to the trip, I saw a forecast calling for 30% chance of rain, so I thought it’d be good to pack a rain jacket.  After realizing I had nothing made of GoreTex in my closet, I decided on the Simms G3 Guide Jacket, and yet again, I was blown away by an incredible Simms product. If you are looking for a jacket to keep you on the water longer this winter, look no further than the Simms G3 Guide Jacket!

To make a long story short, we got rained on…hard. It rained the whole time we were there, with the exception of a few hours of sun sprinkled in between rainstorms.  The rain in Michigan is different in Colorado, it is nothing short of a torrential downpour at any given time and will soak everything in it’s way.  We were tent camping next to the river, and even starting a fire was a challenge in what seemed like relentless rain.  I happened to get lucky though, as I wore my G3 Jacket with the hood up, and was never wet or cold at all. Additionally, this jacket came in handy keeping the freezing wind off of me at the Dream Stream throughout this fall.

The Simms G3 Guide Jacket is full of all sorts of great features.  The fabric is breathable 3 layer GoreTex, meaning the jacket is 100% waterproof.  Not water “resistant”, waterproof. The jacket also feature watertight cuffs on the arms, which keeps water completely out.  There is a built in hood that is the perfect size to keep your head dry.

Simms G3 Guide Jacket in Black/Olive

I’d have to say my favorite features are in the guts of the jacket in the form of fleece lined hand-warmer pockets that are aligned with the chest, making them easily accessible and super warm.  There are 5 total pockets on the jacket- 4 in the front and one in the back, and the pockets have rubber lined zippers to keep the water off your valuables.  The amount of storage is amazing, and it makes getting to things much easier, especially when you don’t want to be fiddling around in a vest or pack during the rain.

Simms has done it again- making a product that has a wide variety of applications.  I can’t see myself ever fishing in the winter without my G3 jacket again.  If you are a wiper junkie like most of us at Colorado Skies, you know you will be out in the wind and rain this spring, just make sure it isn’t without your Simms G3. I was lucky to have mine in Michigan and stayed completely dry in what would have otherwise been a miserable environment.

Dry as a bone..even in the middle of the night!

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