Simms Rivertek Boa Vibram Boot Review

Simms Rivertek Boa Vibram Boot Review

The worst part of my day of fishing is taking my boots off, Simms has just made that a whole lot more enjoyable.  The Simms Rivertek Boa is the easiest boot I had ever put on or taken off.  The neoprene lining inside the boot slides right onto your foot.  The Boa lace system is quickest and most efficient system I have ever used.  I must say that I was skeptical at first, but now I am a true believer.  No more laces to tie or wear out.

The Streamtread Vibram is the best river sole out there.  I can tell you that with confidence from using and testing other brands rubber soles.  You will slip less and grip more with the Simms Vibram.  I personally do stud mine, but even without the studs they are extremely grippy.  The Riverteks are much more supportive ave than I had thought.  The synthetic materials is extremely stiff, durable and light.  My ankle was perfectly at home inside of these.  I would recommend these to anyone looking for a new pair of boots, they certainly have my stamp of approval.


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