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Small Business Saturday | Fly Tying | Fishing Reports | Hunting

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Small Business Saturday Party! – Saturday 11/29

Denver - Minturn Anglers guide and local author Duane Redford will be giving a presentation
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Small Business Saturday

Your boys will be grilling on the patio (weather permitting) throughout the day from 10am to 6pm. Burgers and Dogs are on the menu!

The first 6 people to spend $50 at the shop will win a FREE Minturn Anglers DGE 9’0″ 5wt rod!
We will also be hosting various competitions throughout the rest of the day with the winner of each receiving a Minturn Anglers DGE 9’0″ 5wt. Think “Fear Factor” meets “Minute to Win It”…


Per usual, the staff at Minturn Anglers will be quenching their thirst and are always willing to share. The cooler is stocked and we will have plenty of “Cold Snacks” to share with ya!

“Fly Fishing Unfamiliar Waters” – Duane Redford

Minturn Anglers guide and local author Duane Redford will be giving a presentation from 2pm-4pm on “Fly Fishing Unfamiliar Waters”. Bring a pen and pad and soak in the knowledge of one of the Front Range’s most beloved guides and fishermen.


Support your local fly shop on Small Business Saturday!!!

Vail Valley Fishing Reports

Eagle river & Gore Creek fishing - Winter fly fishing with Minturn Anglers
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Eagle River

The majority of our resident Brown Trout population has finished spawning and seem to have switched the feed bag on full power. The redds they worked so hard on are still there and very easy to see so give them a very wide birth. Fishing is best mid day from Avon to Dotsero with great fishing throughout.  You can find open water and less pressured fish lots of places this time of year but one of our favorites is the Gypsum Ponds State Wildlife area. Look for fish to be concentrated in winter lies like runs and pools but don’t hesitate to look in the riffles for hold overs from the spawn. Midges, Eggs, Stones and small Mayfly nymphs are the menu for the next 5 months or so, have fun.
Our private water remains open bank to bank and continues to produce. Get on this while you can, most of the property is tough to fish during the heart of the winter.
Gore Creek 
Flows are winter low and the water temps are falling everyday which has increased the feeding activity in the middle of the day. Look for fish in the riffles still but be aware that they will be looking to settle in to their typical winter lies so concentrate most of your time on the pools. Fish will feed all winter on Eggs, Midges, small Mayfly nymphs and Stoneflies. Stay out of sight and downsize your patterns as well as your tippet for winter fishing on Gore Creek. Rio Fluoroflex in 6x and 7x will increase your chances on Gore Creek exponentially. Recommended flies include the Two Bit Hooker, Micro Mays, Black Rainbow Warriors and any glass bead midge of your choice. If eggs are on the menu, Oregon Cheese and Pink Champagne have been getting the most looks on Gore Creek of late. Winter fly fishing in Colorado can be some of the best all season so layer up and enjoy a nice day on Vail’s best creek in solitude.

This Wednesday, 11/19 – Weekly Fly Tying Night in Denver!
Midges tame to trashy - this week's theme is "Tiny Patterns" - Denver fly shop
Midges tame to trashy


Join us…

… this Wednesday November 19th from 6pm to 8pm for a night of fly tying at our Denver location. Bring your vise, tying materials, tools and a light. This week’s theme is “Tiny Patterns“! It’s time to pull out those tiny hooks, fine wire and light threads!Check out Bob Streb’s video on midge variations above!

Idaho Steelhead – Feb. 1st- 28th
Minturn Anglers Idaho steelhead fly fishing destination - eric wilcox guide
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It’s that time of year again…

… and we still have steelhead on the brain. Come on up for another year of awesome steelhead fishing with “ya boys” at Minturn Anglers. We will have trips going the whole month so book now, get your spot and get ready for the biggest freshwater fish of your life. With a day of fishing/eating/lodging starting at $450 a day, you are looking at a cheaper trip than fishing in the Vail Valley! Check the link below or stop by the shop for more information. Minturn Anglers Idaho Steelhead >>> 

Front Range Fishing Reports
“Winter Deckers Patterns” with Scott Thompson – Tuesday 11/20 @ 6:00PM
Front Range and Vail Valley Waterfowl Hunts!!!
1/2 Off Waterfowl School with Minturn Anglers!


It’s time to nail down your 2024 fly fishing trip with Minturn Anglers.

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