Small Creek Fishing Report – July 18, 2011

Small Creek Fishing Report – July 18, 2011

Last week I was able to explore several small creeks in the high country.  A good option, since a few of our rivers are still a little high.  Every creek I made it into, was perfectly fish able and a few were even low!  At goose creek, the water level is right where it should be.  Perfectly gin clear and the brookies where looking at dries.  Ants, beetles and hoppers were the name of the game.

Lost creek is low and clear as well.  Much lower than Goose Creek.  Here I tried something a little different.  After I had caught dozens of fish on dries, I searched my box for something they would NOT eat.  So a mouse was my first choice and to my surprise, they were all over it!

Brookie on a Mouse

I spent the rest of the day fishing the mouse.  Now don’t get me wrong, I missed more than I hooked.  I must have had 30 fish swipe at it and only landed about 6 or so.  A completely inefficient way to fish, but fun non the less.  The strike was where all the fun was, some hit it so hard it made me jump.

Wigwam Creek

Wigwam Creek is also super low and clear.  BIG Ants were the ticket.  The browns were all over it.  Be careful though, I saw several dead falls crash over not too far from where I was fishing.  If it gets windy, get out of there.  All the Hayman fire trees are getting dicey and storms have been putting them down.

Don't underestimate a streamer in the creeks!
Group of Turkeys

What you need for the creeks:
-6-8 foot 2 or 3 weight rod
4x Leader and Tippet
-Dry Shake
-Small Pack
-#12-18 Foam Ants
-Any foam Beetles
-#10-14 Amy’s Ant
-Any foam Hoppet
-TRY A MOUSE!  You may be suprised!
-#14 Puterbaugh Caddis
-#10 Wooly Bugger
-#10-12 Slumpbuster
-Wet wading shoes (don’t tear up your wader climbing around)

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