Small Creek Fishing Report – July 26, 2011

Small Creek Fishing Report – July 26, 2011

The creek fishing in the South Denver area continues to improve and get even better!  Bear Creek is finally back to normal levels after the monsoons from last week.  The flow has been hovering around 30CFS and the water in gin clear again.  Fishing has been best in the mornings.  By the afternoon, the water temps creep up and the fish become more sluggish and are just hanging out.  Evenings have been good though.  The last 1 and a half before sunset you will see Caddis and PMD activity.  The fish will look up and eat dries until dark.

There are a few gems hidden in a 3 foot creek!

Goose and Lost Creek continue to fish well.  Foam Ants, Beetles and Baby Boy Hoppers are still the hot flies.  You must take your time on these fish.  It is more like hunting and less like fishing for these fish.  You must be stealthy and move slow.  Try to spot your fish before you cast.  If you don’t then they see you and you don’t have a chance.  Look in any eddy or soft spot near the edges, and I guarantee there is a brookie hiding in there!  The larger fish have clobbering streamers.  If you reach a fish that will not react to your dry fly, tie on a Slumpbuster and watch him attack it.

Retired after 20 or so fish. Notice the 2X it is tied to!

Wigwam Creek is still fishing well!  This creek is not for the lighthearted.  You keep you eye out for the occasional Bull Snake, down trees, falling trees, biting flies, spiders and mosquitoes.  But if you are prepared to deal with these obstetrical, you will be rewarded.  These are some of the spookiest fish I have fished to, but they hide in log jams and grow larger than most fish in the other creeks.  2-3X tippet is an order.  You must be able to pull fish out of jams and yank your flies out of trees, in order to get to the fish.  It is all out warfare.  The fish can care less how thick you tippet is, it just needs to fit through the eye of the hook.  I took my good friend Steve Holiday into the creek last week, and I don’t know if I prepared him for all of the clammering around in the creek.  We were on our rears, hands and knees, clawing our way around the creek.  Steve said, “it reminded me of being 12 again”.  Fishing like you used to when you were a little kid, who cares about the size of the fish, as long as you are having fun.

Steve keeping his distance

What you will need for the creeks:
-#14-18 Foam Ants
-#12-16 Foam Beetles
-#14-16 Baby Boy Hoppers
-#12-14 Amy’s Ants
-#12-14 Foam Puterbaugh Caddis
-#10-12 Slumpbusters
-3x Leader and Tippet
-SHORT Rod 1-3 Weight (7’9″ or less)
-Wet wading shoes of some kind (Simms Ripraps work the best)
-Frog Fanny Powder Floatant
-Gink or Aquel Floatant
-Small Chest Pack or Lanyard
-Small Pocket Sized Fly Box
-Polarized Sunglasses are KEY!

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