South America Dorado Trips

South America Dorado Trips

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South America Dorado Trips with Head Guide Anthony Mazza. Oct. 17 – 23rd and Oct. 24 – 30th  The Dorado is one of the most fun fish to catch on a fly. They strike fast, fight hard and don’t disappoint. Argentina is one of the best places to experience this once in a lifetime fish. The Dorado Cua lodge, owned and operated by Mario Battistion, a renowned Argentinian fisherman, is the premier Dorado fishing destination. Located in the Argentinian province of Corrientes, the Cua lodge is a fisherman’s paradise. Traveling with Anthony allows you to relax and leave the details up to him. We travel with you from departure in the United States through your return to the States. We know the ins and outs of getting to the best fishing spots. We have taken the wrong turns and wasted time searching, now its time to fish. Anthony will correspond and/or meet with you prior to your trip to cover any questions you may have and help you go over all the gear you will need. We will also talk about the types of flies and equipment that are specific to Dorado fishing in Argentina.   The Breakdown: – Air Travel – Denver to Buenos Aires round trip: Approximately $1200 usd – Fishing 5 full days & 5 nights at Dorado Cua Lodge: $3695 usd

Includes flight from BA to Goya, transfer to lodge and all meals and beverages

– Approximate total is $4900 usd.

Does not include gratuities, $50-100 per day per guide, $25 per day for lodging staff

  The Gear: This checklist includes everything a person might need for a Golden Dorado Fly Fishing week. We feel confident that if you have everything on this list you won’t forget anything important. If you notice something that is missing from our checklist, please e-mail us and we’ll add this to future trips. – We recommend #7-11 fast action rods x2 The reels have to have a good brake. The backing should be well loaded (150 yards of 20 backing), large arbor if possible. – You will need tropical fly lines for saltwater, one clear/sinking tip and one floating line. – We will use 9 foot leaders that would finish in a diameter no smaller than 20/30 lb resistance. – Dorado flies are big streamers tied in #1/0 al #5/0 hooks. Every fly will be tied on a stainless steel knottable leader of not less than 8 inches long and 15 to 30 Lb. test strength. – The heavier tippets will allow you to land many more fish and handle them more easily when releasing them. – 1 Spool 02X (20 lb.) Fluorocarbon tippet. – 6 – 10 Quick Change Golden Dorado leaders. OUR GUIDES ALWAYS RECOMMEND TO MAKE YOUR LEADERS IN 3 PARTS: START THE BUT SECTION ON A 40 LB FLUOROCARBON OF 2 FOOT, FOLLOW IT WITH 1.5 FOOT OF 30 LB FLUOROCARBON AND USE A 20 LB SHOCK TIPPET WHERE YOU WILL TIE THE STAINLESS STEALL LEADER WITH THE FLY. Dorado Flies Bring 2 dozen dorado flies in various patterns for a week of fishing. You need at least a dozen flies with heavy lead eyes, others can be medium weight flies (with bead chain eyes). Some of the best patterns are streamers tied with a muddler head and well loaded of. Sizes should be mostly #3/0’s with a few #4/0’s and a few smaller #2’s. Most flies should be darker patterns – in combination with black, but you also need some very light or white patterns. Misc Gear 2 Waterproof boxes 1 Pair of sun gloves 2 Pairs of finger guards 1 Clippers and retractor 1 Fishing pliers 1 Reel lube, drag lubricants 1 Insect repellant – spray or lotion 1 Sunscreen 50 SPF 1 LED Head Lamp 2 Pr. Polarized Sunglasses 1 Buff 1 Fly Line cleaner and line pad cleaner box Fishing Clothing to Bring 6 Fishing Shirts – quick drying style, short sleeve and long 4 Light Weight, quick dry fishing pants 2 Hats or caps 1 Breathable Light Weight Rain Jacket with hood 1 pair water shoes 1 pair flip flops Essentials Other stuff you shouldn´t forget – Passport – check to make sure this is current. Make two copies and put them in your wallet and hand carry. – Money – American dollars will work most anywhere, but you can exchange for Argentinian pesos at the airport, just be sure not to change too much as you cannot change it back to American dollars. – Airline tickets, Flight and trip itinerary – Prescribed medicines that you need to take. – Anti-itch cream for insect bites – Zap A Gap Super Glue for bad cuts, repairs – Chap Stick SPF 30 – Lighter for Cigars, cigar cutter – BUT NOT in your carry-on – Cigarettes, chewing gum and other tobacco products. – Digital camera including charger and cords. Be sure to bring a USB cord to download photos to your computer or iPod. Extra memory cards – IPod and headphones – 2 Plug in wall conversion plugs to go from a std. 2 or 3 prong 220v. to 110v. In Argentina we use 220v.

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Destination Quick Facts

Location: South America Dorado
Season: Fall
Capacity: Maximum of Six(6) anglers per weekper location
Closest Major Air Hub: Ministro Pistarini Airport, Buenos Aires, Argentina (EZE)
Target Species: Golden Dorado
Documents Required: Valid Passport. Most travelers do not need a visa although there is an Argentina Reciprocity fee of $160.

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2 person per Angular

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Lodging Details

The Dorado Cua lodge, owned and operated by Mario Battistion

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Minturn Anglers Prides itself in upfront Honesty & No Hidden Fees. There is no fine print on our website. We do not advertise a low price and then nickel and dime our clients for flies, leaders, tippet and equipment rentals at the end of the day. We include all the flies, leaders, tippet, waders, boots,  rods, reels and lunches on full day  guided fishing trips. If you see a lower advertised price, and additional charges in the fine print for flies, rentals etc. proceed with caution! On a typical full day float trip with two anglers, it would be common to use 24 flies. See the difference below for comparison….

Our Advertised Full Day Float Price: $495
Amount We Charge at the End of the Day: $495

Competitors Advertised Full Day Price: $475 (does not include flies, leaders, tippet & gear rental)
24 Flies: $60
2 Leaders: $9.90
Gear Rental: $40
Amount Competitor Charges at the end of the Day: $584.90

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5 full days of fly fishing for Golden Dorado

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Travel Details

We travel with you from departure in the United States through your return to the States. The Breakdown: – Air Travel – Denver to Buenos Aires round trip: Approximately $1200 usd – Fishing 5 full days & 5 nights at Dorado Cua Lodge: $3695 usd. Includes flight from BA to Goya, transfer to lodge and all meals and beverages.

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Other Info

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Guided Trip Reservation & Cancellation Policy

Denver: 720-851-4665
Vail Valley: 970-827-9500

Reservations/Booking & Payment Info

To book a trip, use the BOOK NOW button or call us and let us know when you would like to go & any other special trip information you might have. To hold a reservation, we require a credit card number to complete your reservation. The trip is charged 100% at the time of reservation.

Cancellation Policy

Payment in full is due upon trip confirmation. Trips are fully refundable up to 72 hours before your trip. If you cancel within 24-48 hours in advance of your trip you will receive a 50% refund. If you cancel within 24 hours of your trip, no refund will be given.

All trips are guided by Minturn Anglers, and rates reflect most current Minturn Anglers pricing). Minturn Anglers operates under special use permits from the White River National Forest, DOW, and the BLM. Colorado Outfitter #2597. Equal opportunity service provider.

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Why Minturn?



It’s time to nail down your 2024 fly fishing trip with Minturn Anglers.

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