South Boulder Creek Fishing Report

South Boulder Creek Fishing Report

If you are new to fly fishing and you just want to catch a fish, then South Boulder Creek is the perfect choice for you.  The flows are perfect and there is no angling pressure.  I made my way up to Eldorado Springs and fished inside of the park.  You can fish the creek anywhere in the park or the canyon.  Right now it is a dry fly haven, I never even tied on a nymph.

Jumping Brown Trout!

Parachute Adams, Puterbaugh Caddis, X2 Caddis, Yellow Sally Dries, Foam Ants and Beetles all in size #12-16 are working well.  The fish are not tippet shy, 4X is just fine.  Throughout the afternoon I saw PMDs, Caddis, Drakes, Midges, Yellow Sallies and hoppers all through the river.  Right now the river is perfect for a 2wt or 3wt rod.  Most of the fish are smaller, I didn’t catch anything over 12 inches, but they made that up in numbers.  You can easily go up there and expect to catch a couple dozen fish.

Perfect fish everytime!
I also had the chance to test my new Simms Rivertek Boots

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