South Platte – Cheesman/Deckers July 6, 2011

South Platte – Cheesman/Deckers July 6, 2011

July 6, 2011
Water Temp: 59 Degrees
Clarity: Clear with a slight tint
Weather: Clear

The Brothers in a raft together…

All the boys from Colorado Skies piled into rafts for the second annual holiday Deckers float.  The river is looking good, but it is larger than you are probably used to.  The flow has been climbing up to 750 CFS, but don’t be intimated.  The fish are still more than willing to eat, and the clarity is good and getting better every day.  One of the perks for high water, is the ability to fish large flies.  Rubberlegs, worms and chunky caddis have been the ticket, and you won’t need your cheaters to tie them on.

Matt with a little bow from the boat

Look for the fish to be near the edges.  You even see some fish slapping at some caddis near the banks, though there still is not enough activity to fish the dries.  The guide and Matt have been able to raise some fish on larger dries, such as foamulators and Amy’s ants, but you must get them close to the bank.  If you are not hittin a tree branch from time to time, then you aren’t close enough to the bank.

What you need:
-Red and Pink San Juan Worms
-#08 Rubberlegs
-#14-16 Soft Hackle PT
-#14-16 Breadcrust
-#16-18 Deep Six
-#10 Black Wooly Bugger
-#08 Amys Ant
-#10-08 Foamulators
-BB Split Shot
-Medium Thingamabobber
-3-4x Tippet and Leader

Go get em!


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