South Platte – Elevenmile/Dream Stream June 10, 2011

South Platte – Elevenmile/Dream Stream June 10, 2011


June 10, 2011
Water Temp: 51 Degrees
Clarity: Gin Clear
Weather: Clear

Matt with a nice brown on the Dream Stream

Matt, Travis and I made it up to South Park yesterday.  The forecast called for little to no wind, but that turned out to be a lie!  As soon as we arrived, the wind began to blow.  Our plan was to fish the Dream Stream in the park and then make our way to the reservoir, both ideas were foiled.  The dam was closed for the day, so we were not able to make it to the river in the park.  So we decided to try the lake, then the wind began.  Waves and wind made it impossible to fish, so we made out way to the lower section of the Dream Stream.  First cast and I was into a fish.  Matt just finished rigging and also caught one on his first cast.  This was the start to our great day of fishing.  The fish were all over Jujubeatis and Guides Choice Hare’s Ears.  We worked the water and Matt came up with the ugliest brown ever.  I assume it fell victim to a Rapala fisherman with several treble hooks hanging off of it.  I was amazed it was still eating.  Leave it to Matt the catch the nastiest fish in the river.

Rapala Meets Brown Trout…Sad

We fished for a few more minutes, until we were not able to stand up in the wind and then headed to Elevenmile canyon to escape the hurricane.

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Elevenmile was great!  The canyon was pretty busy again.  There were few spots to pull over by the time we made it in, but we were able to squeeze in about a mile above the catch and release water.  Right off the bat we were into fish again.  Several on dry flies.  Puterbaugh caddis and a small #24 Parachute Adams was the ticket.  Both Matt and Travis were nymphing Pheasant Tails, Jujubaetis, Johnny Flashes, and Guides Choice Hare’s Ears with great success.  By 2 or so, everyone was making their way out of the canyon, which was great for us!  We fished for several more hours and caught the majority of the fish later in the day.  A mix of bugs began to hatch, some caddis, midges, PMD’s and a few Tricos.  This encouraged the fish to look up at dries.  Despite the wind, we were able to pull off a great day on the river.

Me with a nice bow in the canyon

What you will need in South Park:
#18-20 Soft Hackle Pheasant Tails
#16 Puterbaugh Caddis
#22-26 Parachute Adams
#14-18 Guides Choice Hares Ear
#20-24 Black Beauty
#20-22 Johnny Flash
#18-22 Jujubaetis
5x and 6x Fluorocarbon Tippet
#04-06 Split Shot
7.5 foot 5x leader

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