South Platte Fishing Report – Deckers 1/22/17

South Platte Fishing Report – Deckers 1/22/17

The S. Platte river around Deckers has been fishing really well, winter flows have been steady at around 60CFS, however the water clarity is slightly off color, making it a little easier to sneak up on fish if you can spot them

The weather air temp has regularly been getting into the mid 40’s and higher so the ice/slush has usually dissipated by 10:30-11am. If your the impatient type and want to get on the river sooner than later, keep in mind, the closer you get to the dam, the warmer the water will be so try starting higher up the rive in the morning and move down as the water warms up.


We’re finding fish stacked up in the deeper slower runs, but keep a sharp eye on walking speed water, submerged rock beds and shelves, as fish hanging in these area’s are usually on the feed. The best hours of fishing this time of year are in the middle of the day (11-3:30) so your morning will probably be best spent at a coffee shop until it warms up.

Nymphing is obviously the most productive method to take fish this time of year, a combination of larger attractor flies (stonefly, san juan worm, or egg) followed up with a size 16 (WD40, floss fly, or soft hackle) and for a small point fly (thunder midge, wire midge, or red midge) sizes 20-24.

Try and set your hooks on every movement or pause of your indicator as eats this time of year are very subtle in the slower water.


See you out there,


Levi Lambert

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